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I'm an experienced Entertainment blogger. I especially enjoy reviews, recaps, obituaries, features and news stories. I've been more interested in TV of late because movies haven't excited me much. But, I'm a big movie buff, an avid Hitchcock fan and an Oscar watcher. I have a big Oscar pool and party (not pool party) every year. I work in the publishing industry in the Twin Cities.

TV Ratings: Basketball A Slam Dunk For ABC

6/13/2013 8:35am EDT
'America's Got Talent'
A lot of people spend their time going out for ice cream rather than watching TV in the summertime. Ratings typically dwindle, and in rerun-land, atypical programs often claim the top spots. Last week, NBA Finals games nabbed the Top 3 spots on both ABC and TNT.

NBC had a pretty good week, topped by ‘The Voice’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 4th and 5th place, respectively. CBS had to settle having seven reruns in the Top 20, although its Tony Awards broadcast did well in 11th place. With ‘American Idol’ out the window for now, FOX had only one show in the Top 20, ‘Masterchef,’ which averag...

TV Ratings: CBS Looks Strong Near Season Finish Line

5/9/2013 9:01am EDT
CBS dominated the late-season week, topped by ‘NCIS’ with more than 18 million viewers. The veteran drama is poised to surpass ‘Sunday Night Football’ as the season’s most-watched program in total viewers. Meanwhile, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ which placed second for the week, is ready to take the 18-49 crown.

Among shows that beat FOX’s ‘American Idol’ in the all-important demo this week: ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ ‘Idol’ placed 9th and 10th, respectively. One interesting thing about this week’s top 10: All broadcast networks had at least one show place. For NBC it was ‘The Voice’ and A...

TV Ratings: 'The Voice' Is Loud And Clear

4/25/2013 8:33am EDT
'The Voice'
As if it weren’t obvious enough, ‘American Idol’ has been officially dethroned. For the first time, NBC’s ‘The Voice’ was the number one show last week (and number two, too), while ‘American Idol’ had to settle for 5th and 7th place, respectively. The Thursday edition was even clobbered in the 18-49 demo by a ‘Big Bang Theory’ rerun.

Otherwise, it was business as usual in a quiet week. With lots of reruns, shows like ‘Dancing With the Stars’ dominated the Top 5. CBS had shows peppered through the Top 20, including ‘The Good Wife,’ ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘Survivor’ and both versions of ‘NCIS...

TV Ratings: Basketball Gold For CBS; HBO's 'Veep' Returns Strong

4/18/2013 7:57am EDT
Once again, CBS was dominant in the ratings race, landing 13 of the Top 20 shows last week. It didn’t hurt that it broadcast the NCAA championship game, which yielded 23.43 million viewers as the week’s top program. Otherwise, ‘NCIS’ and its spinoff ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ were typically terrific. Other shows from CBS in the Top 20 included ’60 Minutes,’ ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ The impressive part? Some of those were reruns.

ABC performed fine with ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Modern Family,’ while NBC’s ‘The Voice’ outperformed FOX’s ‘American Idol’ yet again. The bad news...

TV Ratings: CBS Rocks With 'Big Bang'

4/12/2013 8:24am EDT
'The Big Bang Theory'
CBS had the number one show again last week, but it wasn’t ‘NCIS,’ which was in reruns. The honor belonged to a new edition of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ which nabbed 17.24 million viewers. The Eye also scored with the Syracuse vs. Michigan Final Four game, as well as the Academy of Country Music Awards, which attracted 15.5 million viewers.

The top drama was ‘Person of Interest’ with 14.57 million. ABC did typically well with both editions of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ placing in the top 10, while NBC’s ‘The Voice’ aired two episodes that both outpaced ‘American Idol’’s two installments. For th...

TV Ratings: 'Walking Dead' Sets New Record

4/6/2013 11:30am EDT
'The Walking Dead'
Cable continues to outshine the broadcast networks in ratings headlines. The big story last week is that ‘The Walking Dead’ had its biggest broadcast yet on AMC with more than 12 million viewers, and History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ ended with enough viewers (11.75 million) to place in the overall Top 10 as well.

Rather predictably, CBS’ ‘NCIS’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ took the top two spots in the week. It seems that nothing can stop ‘NCIS’ now that ‘American Idol’ has basically fallen apart. The Thursday broadcast of that show didn’t even place in the Top 10, settling for 11th place with 11....

TV Ratings: CBS Carries The Week

3/28/2013 8:24pm EDT
CBS was tops in the ratings last week, thanks mostly to its most-watched program, ‘NCIS,’ which nabbed more than 19 million viewers and the number one slot. The Eye Network also had three of the top six programs, including ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and other hits were in repeats.

Despite a lower-than-usual Spring start, ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ did well with more than 17 million viewers, besting both editions of FOX’s ‘American Idol’ by several million viewers. That show averaged 12.94 and 11.93 million viewers on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Remember the da...

TV Ratings: 'The Bible' Dominates On The History Channel

3/8/2013 7:30am EST
'The Bible'
It was kind of a ho-hum week, ratings-wise, on the broadcast networks. Not so with cable, with History Channel’s ‘The Bible’ snagging a whopping 13 million viewers. If included in broadcast rankings, the miniseries would have ranked 4th for the week.

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ meanwhile, continues to scare up viewers. It  logged 11.3 million viewers, which would be good to crack the top 10.

Over on the broadcast networks, CBS dominated with ‘NCIS’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ which took 1st and 2nd place, respectively. FOX, meanwhile, did fine with ‘American Idol,’ with the Wednesday edition n...

TV Ratings: MacFarlane's Oscars Rule For ABC

2/27/2013 7:52pm EST
Seth MacFarlane
Thanks to the 85th Annual Academy Awards – sorry, The Oscars – ABC managed a rare weekly win in the TV ratings race. Sunday’s telecast, which saw ‘Argo’ nab Best Picture, nabbed 40.38 million viewers, a three-year high. While Seth MacFarlane, who got mixed reviews, is not likely to come back, the network saw big increases in some demos, and also managed to top the Grammy telecast, unlike last year.

ABC averaged 11.26 million viewers to win the week. CBS, not surprisingly, was second with 9.58 million viewers. ‘NCIS’ was tops for the network, with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ close behind. Speakin...

TV Ratings: 'Downton Abbey' Scores New High With Finale

2/21/2013 7:24am EST
'Downton Abbey'
Times, they are a-changing in TV Land. Not only did ‘The Big Bang Theory’ displace ‘American Idol’ as the number one Thursday show, it was the number one show on all of TV last week. And on Sunday, the much-talked-about season finale of ‘Downton Abbey’ did better than most network programs, bringing in 8.2 million viewers. For the season, the PBS series was up an astonishing 66 percent.

‘The Walking Dead,’ meanwhile, lured more than 11 million viewers on Sunday. Overall, CBS did very well last week, placing 7 shows in the Top 10 and 15 in the Top 20. FOX didn’t have much to sing about besi...