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Romney, the Cardboard Patriot

John Sammon John Sammon
10/10/2012 8:20pm EDT

King Willard Romney the First. Dis’ guy is great. What can you say about this guy? He’s some guy dat’ guy. King Willard uses a soldier who was tragically killed in the Middle East, for his own political grandstanding, until the soldier’s mother told him to shut up.

King Willard Romney the First, his royal low-ness, the bogus, sometimes too-liberal, sometimes ultra-conservative or centrist or environmentalist or vulture capitalist job creator or saber-rattling pseudo warrior, and who now shows us his softer side trying to compete with his earlier reputation for heartlessness (strapping his dog to the top of the car), or who tries to be witty and funny (I love Big Bird), or whatever or whoever you want him to be, who changes stances and statements with such bewildering speed it’s hard to tell who he is today.

This chameleon in human form walking around.

King Willard decided to act presidential as his admirers like to say, and use a soldier’s death for his own political advantage. He even went so far as to supposedly cry----a slight sob---on cue---when referring to the solder in question, a Navy Seal. Fake crying by ruthless politicians seeking office is a fairly new tactic.

“I was touched,” Romney recalled, wiping back a tear, of his meeting with the Navy Seal, who was later killed in the Benghazi raid of Sept. 11 that took the life of the U.S. ambassador and several other officials. The soldier’s mother understandably took offense at the corporate office money man Romney using her son for political gain and told a reporter, “I don’t trust Romney.”

That’s worth all the polls in the world.

King Willard has all the subtlety of a blunt-force object. I know what you can do King Willard. Why don’t you go to an old-age home and promise the bed-ridden inmates that if they’ll vote for you---you’ll restore their legs to walk? Tell them you’re Christ. Why don’t you go to the scene of a traffic accident to see if there’s any news media there, and tell them on camera the accident wouldn’t have happened with you as president because you’d make streets safer?

Take advantage of someone’s tragedy to get elected. You gotta love this guy. He like his admirers say is “presidential,” of course, that’s if the president is a bald-faced opportunist and charlatan.

Apparently, the Navy Seal tragically killed was himself amused at Romney’s shameless attempts to ingratiate himself for political gain by appearing patriotic. Romney like many conservatives has never served a day in the military.

“He said it was very comical,” a friend of the Navy Seal recalled. “Romney approached him four times using this private gathering as a political venture to further his image. He kept introducing himself as ‘Mitt Romney, a political figure.’ The same introduction. Same opening line. He (the Navy Seal) believed it very insincere and stale.”

The friend added that the late veteran acquaintance would probably be embarrassed about the episode.

“I think he would feel embarrassed for Romney,” the friend said. “I think he would feel pity for him.”

Gee! King Willard, if you try hard enough, you can almost become a veteran too. All you need is a fancy uniform and to swagger around.

The mother added with an eloquence and truthfulness Romney could never understand that he shouldn’t use her son for political gain.

“He shouldn’t make my son’s death a part of his political agenda,” she said. “It’s wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama.”

The friend of her son agreed.

“Honestly, it makes me sick,” the friend said.

What can you say? That’s the kind of guy King Willard is.

I got an idea for you Willard. For your next speech, why don’t you hold it in Arlington Cemetery and claim that you speak for everyone there.








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