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Warwick Davis Deems 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Dwarf-Tossing Scene 'Dehumanizing'

Joe Bowers Joe Bowers
1/30/2014 9:34am EST

Warwick DavisWarwick Davis worries a dwarf-throwing scene in the Oscar nominated film The Wolf Of Wall Street will glamorize the unusual game.

The Harry Potter star is disturbed over a scene in Martin Scorsese's film about corrupt stockbroker Jordan Belfort in which the trader and his colleagues throw small people at a cloth target.

The British actor, who runs an agency for small actors, has branded the practice "reprehensible" and is concerned its light-hearted use in the Oscar-nominated movie will give viewers the impression the game is fun.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "It is a dehumanizing practice, very reprehensible. I have been approached to provide small people for dwarf-throwing and always refuse.

"I hope the film doesn't make people think it is glamorous to fling small people about."

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