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Tommy Lee Wins Lawsuit Over Drum Kit Rollercoaster

Joe Bowers Joe Bowers
1/2/2014 9:09am EST

Tommy Lee Motley Crue's Tommy Lee has won a lawsuit over an engineer who alleged the musician stole his idea for a drum kit rollercoaster.

The 51 year-old rocker used the stunt during the band's 2011 tour, where he could be seen turning upside down as he played, but Los Angeles-based engineer Scott King claimed he pitched a similar idea to Lee in 1991.

In 2012, King filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court demanding at least $400,000 in damages over allegations the renowned drummer stole his idea.

Nevertheless, King has lost the legal battle after a judge ruled he never obtained exclusive rights to the concept and Lee created his own version of the rollercoaster drum set, according to TMZ.com.

Tommy Lee

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