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Jessica Ross is a writer and actress living in Los Angeles with her adorable cat, Chance. She has previously worked as a lumberjack, mortician's assistant, amateur brain surgeon and left hand model.

Taming The Beast: Taking The 'White House Down' Presidential Limo For A Test Drive

6/27/2013 3:00pm EDT
White House Down3-20130521-152.jpg
In the new action movie "White House Down," an aspiring Secret Service Agent played by Channing Tatum steps up to protect the president (Jamie Foxx) when the White House faces a terrorist attack. To get the president safely out of the White House, Tatum and Foxx hop into The Beast, a replica of President Obama's limo. I got the opportunity to head over to the Sony lot and take The Beast for a test drive.

The real presidential limo is known as a "panic room on wheels." Aside from the bulletproof  glass, it can go into full lock down mode if a threat presents itself. In case of emergency, a ...

The 'After Earth' Inside Scoop

6/1/2013 7:38am EDT
After Earth
In the new movie "After Earth", a crash landing leaves father and son team Will and Jaden Smith stuck on the planet a thousand years after humans were forced to flee Earth. I got the opportunity to talk to co-screenwriter of "After Earth", Gary Whitta, who also wrote the post-apocalyptic smash hit "The Book of Eli". Whitta gave me the lowdown on his new project, "The film is set in the future after humankind has been forced to basically evacuate planet Earth. The premise is that at some point in the future, we finally reach the point as a human species where we've done so much damage to the...

5 Fun Facts About 'Star Trek' Star Chris Pine

5/16/2013 2:00pm EDT
Chris Pine-IHA-014956.jpg
He starred alongside Anne Hathaway in "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" and Lindsay Lohan in "Just My Luck", but girls across the world fell madly in love with Chris Pine when he got his big break playing James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' smash hit "Star Trek." With the sequel about to hit theaters, let's take a look at some fun about the captain of the Starship Enterprise. 

1. Chris made his acting debut in 2003, when he played a drunk patient on "ER".

2. He is the youngest actor to play a lead role in the "Star Trek" franchise; Chris was 28 when the first movie came out. 

3. Chris' bi...

5 Things You Need To Know About The 'Glee' Season Finale

5/7/2013 1:00pm EDT
Gleeks the world over are heartbroken at the idea of spending the next several months without their "Glee" fix. Luckily the show has been picked up for seasons 5 and 6, so we do have at least two more years of singing and dancing to look forward to. But what can we expect in the May 9 season finale? Check out these spoilers to find out what's about to go down.

1) Blaine Goes Ring Shopping

Even without Burt's blessing, it looks like Blaine is planning to pop the question to Kurt. Patty Duke guest stars to offer him some words of wisdom when Blaine hits the jewelry store to buy an engageme...

Dishing The Dirt With 'Hollywood Exes' Star Daphne Wayans

4/27/2013 1:07pm EDT
daphne wayans
VH1's "Hollywood Exes" centers around a group of women who are all former spouses of celebs. The show had such a successful first season that it is now back for a second round. Fashionista Daphne Wayans, ex-wife of Wayan's brother Keenen Ivory, joins the season 2 "Exes" cast. In this exclusive interview, Daphne talks about what it was like to be on the show, her family and how she really feels about her ex.  

SP: What made you decide to become a part of "Hollywood Exes"?

Daphne Wayans: Well, it was rather easy. I was apart of the cast that originally pitched the idea before it was picked ...

Top 10 Dysfunctional Onscreen Families That Are Worse Than Yours

4/27/2013 9:07am EDT
The Big Wedding
"The Big Wedding" will soon hit theaters with an all-star cast that includes Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace. The movie centers around a divorced couple who have to present a united front at their adopted son's wedding and pretend that they are still married. Talk about dysfunctional! What other crazy families made the list of the top 10 dysfunctional onscreen families?

"The Simpsons"

With a beer-guzzling buffoon for a father, a nagging mother, a rebellious troublemaker son. a precocious daughter and a baby who still hasn't learned to talk after twenty f...

'Glee' Recap: Sarah Jessica Parker Returns In 'Lights Out'

4/26/2013 9:20am EDT
On this week's "Glee", McKinley gets serious and goes unplugged when a power outage causes the lights in the school to shut off and the Glee clubbers to open up. Ryder shares that he was molested at a child by a teenage babysitter and it has since affected his ability to trust women. Sam and Artie think it's "every teenage boy's fantasy" and completely underestimate the seriousness of the situation. Kitty understands him though - at a dinner at Breadstix with Ryder, she confesses that she was molested by a friend's older brother when she was in sixth grade. The fallout from her trauma was s...

5 Funniest Movies Of The Last 20 Years - Celebrating National Humor Month

4/14/2013 12:30pm EDT
T.S. Eliot began his famous poem "The Waste Land" by saying "April is the cruelest month." Larry Wilde, Director of the Carmel Institute of Humor, agrees that Americans need a little extra humor in their lives in April to boost their sprits and relieve some of the stress of dealing with taxes. In 1976 Wilde declared that April would forevermore be known as National Humor Month. Beginning with April Fool's Day, this formerly cruel month is now one of the funniest. To celebrate National Humor Month and get you in a gut-busting mood, let's take a look back at the five funniest movies of the la...