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Jenny McCarthy, Kelly Osbourne, Dev, B.o.B, & More Receive VIP Treatment At Hard Rock Hotel For Lollapalooza

Jessica McCafferty Jessica McCafferty
8/7/2012 11:24am EDT

Jenny McCarthy

Chicago's Hard Rock Hotel was THE place to be over Lollapalooza weekend as celebrities flocked to this music mecca to receive the best VIP perks in the city. Starpulse was on hand to get the scoop as we mingled with celebrities, listened to exclusive artist sets, sipped on specialty cocktails, and received awesome Lolla swag while attening the ck one color Music Lounge, It’s So Miami Oasis, and ck one's Rock The Vote Nights.

So, here we go!

Jenny McCarthy arrived at the ck one color Music Lounge this weekend during Lollapalooza in a gorgeous orange mini-dress (which she had purchased on her way), looking healthy and in great spirits. Having just moved back to her native Chicago, the beauty mentioned that she didn’t want to raise her son in LA and was glad to be back in the Windy City. She was overheard talking about how her boyfriend lives very close to her new home and how she was incredibly happy with him and her current life in general, even though she mentioned that she’s constantly traveling back and forth between Chicago and LA! While having ck one color cosmetics applied by a makeup artist at the event, she also dished on how she had recently gotten into yoga and was feeling very at peace as a result saying she had “followed her heart” and it had led her to the right place.

ck oneKelly Osbourne arrived to the ck one presents Rock the Vote Nights event at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago over the weekend looking healthier and happier than ever. The beaming "Fashion Police" correspondent was accompanied by her new beau Matthew Mosshart, who was content holding her purse and sneaking in kisses whenever he could. "He knew people were looking", says an onlooker, "but he didn't care… He just kept leaning in for some PDA". The purple-haired starlet and her main squeeze sipped on Belvedere cocktails and took goofy pictures - enjoying themselves throughout the night. Later, when the other man in her life brother, Jack Osbourne, showed up and she was overheard telling a friend that "He is pure inspiration to everyone around him" due to his ongoing battle with Multiple Sclerosis. The trio's positive energy made onlookers gravitate towards them with Kelly happy to take photos with adoring fans.

Josh Henderson partied at the It’s So Miami Oasis with a close group of friends. The "Dallas" star was spotted challenging fans to a game of ping pong, getting very into it and celebrating each time he scored a point. His close friend and roommate, who joined him for the Lollapalooza festivities at the Hard Rock Hotel, was overheard saying, “Josh is VERY competitive. He has to win at everything, he plays a lot of sports in his free time and needs to be the best at everything he does.” But he usually is. After claiming his victory, he sat down with a group and munched on fries while enjoying DISARONNO cocktails, dancing and taking pictures with fans. He also picked up goodies from the Clearasil “Rock Your Skin” Lounge and shades from GUESS just like Rose McGowan.

Michelle Williams was spotted getting a temporary tattoo at Lollapalooza’s Clearasil “Rock Your Skin” Lounge in the It’s So Miami Oasis. When a fan complimented the petite “Destiny’s Child” singer on her svelte figure, she was flattered, saying she didn’t work out regularly but was blessed with a high metabolism. She was overheard commenting, “I’m not claiming I don’t want to be skinny but I don’t try to be this skinny.” She went on to say that her metabolism shot up after her first tour with her former band, led by Beyonce Knowles, and hasn’t slowed down since. “TheRose McGowan kids made fun of me and called me Olive Oil in school but I didn’t think I’d still be this lanky in my 30’s,” Williams was overheard saying. A few minutes later, the fun-loving star seemed confident in her own skin, showing off her sparkly, rainbow, leopard print piece of art and posing for pictures with guitars in the spirit of the festival which she said she was “so glad” to be enjoying rather than having to perform. At one point the star got so excited, she threw her hands in the air and said, “I love this thing! I’m wearing this to church on Sunday!” Later on, the singer visited the Rock The Vote Lounge where she was handed a white t-shirt. She looked down at the shirt and asked what the size was only to learn it was, of course, a small.

Destiny’s Child singer, Michelle Williams was also seen greeting fellow crooner, Ryan Cabrera with squeals of excitement and a giant hug. Ryan shared the enthusiasm, introducing her to his friend and Chicago Restaurateur, Billy Dec. Billy was later overheard telling her that a boat architecture tour was the best way to see Chicago, saying, “If you like nerd things like me.” After his performance, he was relaxing with Belvedere cocktails in the VIP area when his pal, actor Michael Pena, walked in to greet him with a quizzical expression saying, “I thought you were performing?” The singer told him he had already finished his set jokingly saying, “But that’s okay – I’ll show up to your next movie an hour and a half late.” The buddies then joined Evan Ross in the It’s So Miami Oasis where Cabrera checked out SOUL by Ludacris headphones while Ross nabbed an Incredible Hulk New Era baseball cap.

Dev stopped by the ck one color Music Lounge before making her first appearance at Lollapalooza. She talked about her independent style, beauty secrets, favorite ck one products and her upcoming collaborations (those she wished to keep secret). Dev’s spending time in the studio post-Lollapalooza to record a new album. In between interviews, the proud mother was overheard bragging about Emilia’s “vampire teeth” (her first to come in) - “Everything is weird with my child”. Dev was also gushing about fiancé Jimmy Gorecki - the couple still hasn’t set a wedding date. Dev claims she’s the one not ready, but she recently bought a wedding dress - cream chiffon with black embroidery.

At the It's so Miami Oasis lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, B.o.B was spotted drinking DISARONNO cocktails with an entire entourage of childhood friends. "We all grew up together in Atlanta" the rapper told a bystander, "We need our own reality show" he joked. Later, when asked about how his love for Atlanta compares to other cities, he said "Chicago's up there. Such a cool place. New York City on the otherhand, now that's a place I can't stand". However, he was quick to add that the fans there are "Some of the best in the world".

As B.o.B made his way through the lounge, he spotted "Gossip Girl" actress, Kaylee DeFer, who was dancing away with a Coors Light in her hand. The odd duo instantly hit it off -- the rapper was overheard asking when the new season returns and if she's been enjoying her time off. Kaylee seemed "flattered and caught off guard" said an onlooker. The two stars exchanged numbers and then headed in different directions to mingle and enjoy the party, with DeFer keeping close tabs on her new object of affection.

Kelly Osbourne

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