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StarPulse Health Review: Cultures For Health Has Everything You Need!

Jeremy Meyer
6/25/2013 8:39pm EDT

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College students will pay almost double for subpar meals from the cafeteria every day and about 39% of all college students refuse or can’t to take time out of their busy day to go to a market for quality food.  The end result are less than impressive with most resorting to quick fix foods such as ordering pizzas, greasy Chinese takeout and vending machines to save a trip from home or the dorms.  Even if one does venture to the market with a health-conscience mind, you stroll the isles to observe a dozen different brands of the same product - each claiming in some way to be healthier than its competitors.

The whole process can be a headache and while surveys show more than 28% of Americans can't cook, more than 47% don't want to cook and 38% America's youth suffer from an obesity epidemic with morbidly obese as a new category – nothing is getting better.  In fact it is much worse.  More importantly with chemicals running rampant in foods, it is becoming increasingly clear that the only nutrition your body can trust is made from scratch with your own input.

Spouses Julie and Eric Feickert bared all this in mind after becoming parents themselves. The two of them felt a sense of duty to come up with the perfect blend of homemade foods that are simple, traditional, healthy and most importantly easy to make.  The answer came in small boxes and was branded Cultures for Health.

The product offers customers the luxury of shopping for quality foods online with over 300 products to choose and easy to follow instructions on how to make it yourself.  Make your own yogurt, cheeses, breads, and other foods from starter kits provided.  CFH also offers how-to videos and recipes to make sure your prep time is cut to a minimum.  In addition to buying the products the website facilitates their own blogs where experts can post about different health facts and tips.

CFH allows for a concentrated purchase online without placing yourself in a position, such as a grocery store, where you’re thinking with a sweet tooth rather than a healthy mind.  Food distractions in a market are quickly becoming a popular health detriment. Also, CFH isn't limited to college students and younger adults but also a wonder for fitness/health professionals.  "As a licensed nutritionist, I always look for something new to recommend to my clients, and this site helps reiterate my point that if you want to keep a handle on your nutrition, you yourself must be in control of it”, a veteran San Diego fitness trainer says.   "I love cooking, but don't have a lot of time because of school.  My mom got me hooked on Cultures for Health and it’s pretty much as easy as making a frozen meal," claims a college student.

Julie and Eric Feickert began this business with an ultimatum:  To create a website where people can take control of their own lives by starting with the most basic physiological need a person has. Every journey begins with a first step or this case a first click of the mouse, so if you're ready for a smart change in eating habits, take initiative and interest by browsing for all needs to good eats.

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