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VH1's 'Hit the Floor' Hits the Ground Running With a Return from Valery Ortiz

Jeremy Meyer
5/30/2013 4:41am EDT

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Amidst all of the new television programs that come and go on the networks there are the certain shows that seem to receive a little “extra” attention to hype the series premiere.  Recently you may have seen it on the bus, in magazines, and the premiere on television but VH1’s new show “Hit the Floor” is clearly something they have put their heart, and funds, behind.  One of the first scripted shows ever on VH1, the show focuses on the gains and losses of a professional basketball dance squad, the Los Angeles Devil Girls.

Viewers are treated to outstanding choreography (thanks to the celebrated Michael Rooney), surprisingly well-scripted drama, and for the most part, fine acting from some fresh faces in the entertainment business and some more familiar. One of the familiars is Valery Ortiz who you may remember from the hit show “South of Nowhere” on Nickelodeon.  On "Hit the Floor", Ortiz plays Raquel, a Devil Girl who'll no doubt be one of the most dynamic and interesting developments in the series.  She's a fierce, gorgeous Latina but looking deeper, she's strong-willed and a real fighter.  She battles drama not only between the other girls trying to keep her spot on the team, but also her ex and being a single mother to her 4-year-old son.  As early blogs have made clear both on VH1 forums other sites on the web, she is the relatable character after the first episode and will most likely be the one everyone gravitates towards as the season develops.  

Acting wise Ortiz has been around the block quite a few times.  Aside from her hit Nickelodeon show she has appeared as a guest star on many TV shows including “Two and a Half Men”, “Melissa & Joey”, and “Cold Case”.   In 2006, she brandished her humorous side when she pulled off a Jennifer Lopez spoof-character, Jell-O in "Date Movie".   That same year she was ranked among the top 25 hottest Latinas in MAXIM en Español. Judging by the recent promos featuring her, one of which you can see on Playboy, she has not lost her appeal.    One fan commented "I knew I recognized her from 'South of Nowhere', so I think she's a great choice for something like 'Hit the Floor’.  She played a cheerleader there and is a dancer here so it makes perfect sense!”

We expect “Hit The Floor” to be Ortiz’ breakout performance if the show can keep its viewership up. A task easier said then done with all of the competition out there right now.  To get more information about "Hit the Floor" and the sweet Devil Girls’ scoop, check out the VH1 link.   

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