10 Island Getaways In The United States


Jeremy Meyer
8/24/2012 11:51pm EDT

TedWhat happens when you lay face down on a beer pong table in a random location? Answer: You are being part of a new global trend called PortOPonging!

The new trend that is hitting streets, bathrooms, gyms, roads, elevators and pools everywhere was started by fans of the PortOPong.com inflatable beer pong table. And it seems that celebrities are even getting in on the action; American Idol’s David Hernandez, singer Ricky J and even the lovable teddy bear TED from the most recent TED feature film have been spotted trying the trend out for themselves.

So is this trend cooler than Planking and other recent ridiculous stuff that has come up? We think so, and since it's summer time, we can only see this trend expanding... and may even get more fun once the winter season hits.
Have a look for yourself at people PortOPonging by going here: http://www.portopong.com/portoponging.php and to order your own beer pong table to join in on the fun go to: http://www.PortOPong.com

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Photo Credits: PR Photo