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HU Column: It's the Thought That Counts

Jeremy Meyer
5/13/2011 6:04am EDT

LOS ANGELES (HOLLYWOOD UNWRAPPED) -- I’m not sure what’s going on with our world this week! It seems more news is coming out about people breaking up, going to jail or they have problems with there parents and they just can’t keep their opinion to themselves! I will get into that and so much more at a later point.

I have 1200 words, give or take, to file each week and sometimes, you just don’t want to write about red carpet events, movie reviews, celebrities going in and out of rehab! Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to enjoy life and inform the world that it’s summer and it’s time to hit the beach, the pool and just have a little bit of fun! This week, I’ve been enjoying life outside of Hollywood for a minute and it’s been great! I know, Hollywood celebrities must love when they get to relax, just be themselves and not worry about what’s going on around them.

I enjoyed some partying with normal people not attached to Hollywood. Actually, do you consider models normal people? Either way we played a little beer pong. Don’t tell me you have not played beer pong! It’s like the college game of choice after poker and running though college half naked. The great thing with Los Angeles is we have two colleges who do what they call the “fountain run” and the “undie run”. Seeing coeds running around half naked is not really a problem as some people may think. Actually, ladies, why do you dress with very little clothing on when you go out??? I may be alone on this but leave a little to the imagination! Can the ladies love a guy that can actually say that someone made a collectible figurine out of them? I’m not lying as the other day, I received (in the mail) a 3 inch figurine that looked like me without glasses! LOL!

Parties are usually a lot of the same things recycled again and again. This time around, I found gold! It’s PORTOPONG, marketed as the worlds first inflatable floating beer pong table! That's right everyone! Now, the mess of playing your favorite drinking game is over as this sucker can be placed anywhere brought with you from your Hollywood mansion or frat house. In minutes, it’s inflated and the party can start. It works best in the pool. The thing is, you don’t have to worry about the mess that the beer or your favorite liquor causes when that little white ball connects with the cup or the floor for the 9 millionth time! You know, when it starts to look like the bottom of a pair of two year old Nikes! It was the most fun I have had with something inflatable! Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter will you and stop thinking about that! LOL I DON’T own one (FINGERS CROSSED) and I’m not sure what your talking about!!!!.

Oh yeah, let me clue you in on that 3 inch version of myself that I spoke about earlier. Its from the minds over at who made this little figurine of me wearing a Hollywood Unwrapped shirt, jeans and sneakers. I’m not sure what to say to them except thank you so much for it and it’s currently sitting in my office right next to my Green Hornet car from Carls Jr. When I showed it to my friends (my inflatable one too! LOL) they loved it! They say it looks pretty much like me without glasses. It really should,since they use two photos of you to make this little guy or girl. I can now tell everyone that I have my own happy meal toy that’s made out of hard plastic. I have to say that I really love it and it’s a cool gift to give to someone you love or hate as the figures can be customized in different outfits from a soccer player, to a graduate or even weddings. The price is a little high at $75 bucks but I love mine and whoever you get one for will love it just as much! It’s the coolest thing currently available as everyone, or at least yours truly, has always wanted to be a little figurine! :-)

I’m gearing up to cover this years Electronic Entertainment Expo so stay tune for a weeks worth of video game content coming your way very soon!

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