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HU Column: Disney Never [Read Me] Again

Jeremy Meyer
5/2/2011 6:18pm EDT
I’m not a guy that will sit on my ass and write about how pissed off I am because the bigger kids at school tried to steal my lunch money. I won’t write one either about that really cute girl that I wanted to ask to Prom who told me to get a life and she wouldn’t even go with me if I was the last man on earth and there were no sheep! Are there sheep? What I will write and complain about until my face turns blue for lack of oxygen is when my time gets wasted! That’s exactly what happened the other day, when I received an email asking me if I had any interest in interviewing the cast of Disney’s “Prom”. I want to put an emphasis on the word CAST. That means the entire cast. Not the guy who was on screen for 5 min and nobody give a dam about.

Normally, I don’t say yes to going to Macy’s under any circumstances. Whether it’s to meet the cast of a movie or if that cute blond girl from High School changed her mind and now wanted me to go with her. Well, technically, I guess I gave in because I said sure it sounded like fun because it would give me more time to speak with the cast than if I had done the premiere. I have not been more wrong in my life. But, I took the time to go to Macy’s in Glendale and it could not have been more awkward because I am not the smallest guy at 6”4-6”6 (depending upon what convenient store I am exiting! LOL). Standing there in front of Macy’s with a lot of piranhas lining up to get the autograph of the stars, it was beyond annoying. I ran into the crew from Kids Pick Flick. They’re a great group of girls and I remember when one of their Moms allowed me pick up her daughter to get Elton john to come over at the last premiere. I recommend if you want more PG content compare to what this column has to offer and you want to know what kids want check out

We were posted in front of everyone in a great spot. The photographer came up to us and bitched and complained enough to where we were moved to the back of the line. HOLD THE HELL ON! We arrived there early and now we are at the end of the line? We waited two hours and we now get nobody?

I was only there to talk to Aimee Teegarden, Kylie Bunbury and Danielle Campbell. Aimee is the sweet heart that we all know from Friday Nights Lights. If you were one of the 9 people who saw “Scream 4”, she had a small cameo in it. This was Kylie’s film debut and that was a reason to talk to her because she doesn’t have the publicist yet. One who taylors answers that reporters like me love to hear! We have the girl that will break a lot of teenage boys hearts as she takes on the crown that is being left behind by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Ms. Campbell and Ms. Bunbury will go far if they both keep a leveled head and know that you can lose it allot quicker then you made it. A mistake that lately a few celebs have done cough lindsey cough miley cough...Sorry, I think I am sick. Call, the CDC.

Unfortunately, because this event was poorly organized and not planned the right way, we failed to talk to even one of the above named stars! That also means that it was a complete waste of four hours of my life! It’s much worse for the stars, because they aren’t getting the promotion that they deserve. The movie, “Prom”, was ok but one that missed everything that most teenage movies had which was the Sex, Drugs and consumption of liquor.

Disney, you know I love you but you could have done a much better job with this premiere! Don’t blame the fire marshal. I know you’ve had enough premiers to where you know the logistics of doing a fan event like this. It was a VERY disappointing time to say the least! I really do hope what you have planned for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is planned way better then this one.

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