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HU Column: It Doesn't Get Any Better

Jeremy Meyer
4/26/2011 3:12am EDT

Last week, T-Mobile USA, Inc. celebrated the national launch of the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4 by Samsung with an exclusive VIP event. It was one that transformed a private lot in Beverly Hills, California into a progressive party. Event elements included: “Sidekick Recording Studio,” which allowed guests to lay down music tracks;“4G Challenge Race Track,” where mini-games showcased the Sidekick’s lightning-fast 4G speed,  and “Sidekick Sushi Social,” where group texting came to life.

The event started with the pink carpet where I was able to quickly start talking to a few of the guests. Some in attendance including Robbie Jones from the CW’s “Hellcats”, Omar Miller from “CSI Miami”, Jesse Metcalfe from “The Chase” and  the soon to be aired remake of “Dallas”. That’s one I hope becomes as big a hit as “Hawaii 5-0”. I did get a little scoop from Jesse as he informed me that “The Chase” would be airing the last five episodes on Saturday night at 8. Jesse was a good sport because he was just about to leave the carpet when I called him over and asked him to give me a few seconds.

I also ran into Jareb Dauplaise from “Hard Times of RJ Berger” who’s always a great spot and we laughed about his rock playing from the last event. It’s always a great pleasure to talk to actors that are still so down to earth even when everyone knows their name. It’s refreshing because some,like Whitney Port,don’t speak with anyone.

I did have a few bloopers with my interviews. One was with Rex Lee from “Entourage” and the other was with Madeline Zima from “Californication”. They took my not being prepared in stride and as comic relief. OK! Leave me alone guys! I’m not perfect and can’t keep track of every season! LOL! Seriously, I do apologize for messing up the interview and give credit for them being so cool about it!

One funny incident happened on the carpet with John Stamos. It happened when he was stopped by the adorable sidekick girls at the end of the carpet. When they asked him to take a picture for sidekick. He asked “What’s a Sidekick?” The poor girls had to explain to him that it was the party that he was at. He gave them the smile that has broken millions of teenage girls hearts and had his picture taken before going in to enjoy the party.

It was also great to get my hands on the phone because it took me back to when the Sidekick was the phone to have before I-phones came on the market. It was like the popular thing to have in High School. If you did not flip the screen to text you just where not that cool.

Anyway, I’m going off topic. Music by DJ Ravidrums kicked off the celebration. Near the end of the evening, the people in attendance partied and rocked out to a special musical performance by The Strokes.  After that performance, DJ Spider took over the turntables so we all could continue dancing into the night. I really enjoyed the entertainment

Another unique event feature was the ability for guests to use pre-programmed RFID bracelets to automatically share their experiences with their friends online.  A simple scan of their RFID bracelet at various points throughout the party got you this little token that you could turn in at the gift shop. It was like a huge little treasure hunt to get as many of these tokens as possible.This is where I saw a big problem that they should have spent more time on when preparing for this event. They weren’t spreading the brand. The gift shop was not used to showcase the product. Instead they gave away what looked like Ed Hardy hats and some other items that didn’t carry the T-Mobile logo on it. Give me a shirt if that's the only thing you want to give us. They needed to showcase the company and their logo. Specifically, the product that was supposed to be king “The Sidekick 4G” should have been in focus.

It was a great event that I enjoyed a lot including the great food, drinks and company. I spent a lot of time with Hallie one of the models working the event. I think I should have gotten her phone number! The bottom line I can’t wait for the next event that I’ll be attending!

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