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Jeremy Garcia is a freelance writer and blogger. He is also the Host of the new Pop Culture WebSeries, ʻJeremy Explains It All.ʻ He is currently working on a new book about the changing culture of America, through the eyes of one family. Follow His WebSeries at: Twitter @JEXIA

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

4/6/2012 1:53pm EDT
After a week long hiatus, our favorite doctors are back with a bang. Well, more like a roar. The episode begins with a free roaming lion, who turns out to be a pet of one an incoming patient. Yes, pet. Then, attentions quickly turn to the gaping emotional wounds left by Henry’s passing and Owen’s infidelity.

Stricken by grief, Teddy and Christina throw their focus into building new hearts as part of their stem-cell heart research. After strong avoidance of personal issues, Teddy is forced to confront her denial when the wife of a patient dies. Meanwhile, Christina has a breakthrough of he...

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'One Step Too Far' The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

3/16/2012 2:50pm EDT
Grey's Anatomy
“We're trained to be vigilant, to chase down the problem, to ask all the right questions, to find the root cause until we know exactly what it is and we confront it. It takes an extreme amount of caution or we can't overstep ourselves. We can create problems that don't exist,” introduces Meredith.

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s was definitely one of the best of the season. Derek asks Meredith to come back to neuro for a day, Christina finds out if Owen is cheating, Avery’s mom is back for another visit and so much more! Here are the highlights:

Hesitant, but willing, Meredith agrees to ind...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Passive Aggressive Tania

3/15/2012 8:25am EDT
Tabatha Takes Over
On Tuesday’s Tabatha, the sharp tongued stylist headed to West Hollywood, Ca’s royal dog grooming and daycare, ‘Barkingham Palace.‘ Partners Tania and Tee are, combined, over $100 grand in debt in just under four years.

At the throne of their dismay is stubborn and passive aggressive owner, Tania. While she might describe herself as ‘direct,’ the staff has a very different take. During the undercover, Tabatha discovers Tania in her office most of the day, eating and doing her make-up, only to come out and utter disparaging remarks about her staff under her breathe but in front of them. Exp...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: Legendary Complacency

3/9/2012 8:18am EST
Tuesday evening’s episode of ‘Tabatha,’ really pulled on the heartstrings. The takeover took us to Torrance, Ca to salvage what was left of the famous Flavio Beauty College. Once a highly respected institution lead by Dr. Flavio, the beauty college is now at an all time low of attendance; run-down and otherwise in a dire state. After almost sixty years in business, Flavio is in danger of losing his home and at 85 that is not an option.

Fueled by her respect and admiration of the passion and dedication of Dr. Flavio, Tabatha goes into high gear to set the college back on the path to succes...

Celebrities That Need To Shut Up! - In Less Than 'A Thousand Words'

3/7/2012 11:30am EST
A Thousand Words
Eddie Murphy’s upcoming film "A Thousand Words" about a smooth talking man cursed with only 1,000 words left to speak got us thinking. What if Hollywood was inflicted with the same curse as Eddie's character? Which celebrities would we like to have a limited amount of words? Frankly, there a few we would like to just shut up!

Here are the top 5 candidates: (hit next to see)

1) First up, the notorious Kim Kardashian. I keep hoping one day, I’ll open my eyes and she will disappear back in the oblivion of sex tape scandals celebrities and vanish. Obviously, that just isn’t going to hap...

Three Blush Worthy TV Guilty Pleasures

3/5/2012 3:30pm EST
Mob Wives
TV is one of my favorite pastimes, slightly bordering on addiction, depending on who you ask. While some are a little off beat, others are downright embarrassing to admit to.

'Mob Wives': Let’s start here. As a huge fan of the ‘Real Housewives’ series, I was a bit ticked off when I began to see the growing list, of what I perceived were knock off series. After several ‘glowing’ Facebook and Twitter ‘recommendations,’ I reluctantly gave in. In the first five minutes it was over. Call ‘Intervention,’ it's bad. If you thought ‘Real Housewives’ had fights, you haven’t seen anything yet! Thes...

'Tabatha Takes Over' Recap: These Shoes Were Made For Walking

3/1/2012 10:34am EST
Tuesday night’s episode of Tabatha was definitely one for the records. During this week's installment our favorite Aussie migrated to the Midwest to save struggling salon, H Design in Minneapolis, MN. While most episodes revolve around a hairstylist turned owner in massive debt, H Design flipped that model upside down. Owner Brian has been a stockbroker for the past nineteen years, but when H Design began taken a turn for the worse seven years ago, his father (who owns the building) asked him to take over the salon so the entire building would be profitable.

As a stockbroker, is it expect...

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Love Hurts

2/24/2012 10:41am EST
As doctors, and especially as surgeons, our favorite residents are always calculating. Calculating the risks and calculating the advantages, weighing all their options scientifically and rarely, emotionally. Or so they would like to think. Truth is, even the best surgeons have emotions. They’re human, it’s natural. On the latest episode of Grey’s, that nature was put to the test.

For some, it was more lighthearted and playful. Avery, Mr. Eye of the tiger with boards coming up, was a little stressed out, snapping at paramedics and even at patients. Noticing his ‘bro’ might need a little, ...

‘Tabatha Takes Over’ Recap: Negative Nancy

2/23/2012 10:59am EST
Tabatha Takes Over
After a brief hiatus, the queen bee of hairstyling is back! On Tuesday’s episode, Tabatha travels to Swedesboro, New Jersey to take over ‘Salon Bridgette.’ Bridgette is a condescending owner with $489,000 of debt. To offset her expenses, her mother, Peggy acts as her cleaning woman and her daughter, Chelsea a receptionist. While Bridgette considers her mother ‘Cinderelly,’ working here is no Disney fairytale.

The assistant stylists are degraded with insults during their cuts and applications. At one point, the Jersey owner calls her assistant a ‘retard.’ The staff often walks off the floor...

First Look by Bravo: 'Bethenny Ever After' & 'Tabatha Takes Over'

2/20/2012 4:35pm EST
Bethenny Ever After
'Skinnygirl,' Housewife and soon-to-be talk show host, Bethenny Frankel is back for a third season of 'Bethenny Ever After.' This year the lovey dovey fairytale of marriage is over and reality sets in. 'Jason's penis has cobwebs on it,' Bethany comments. Oh Bethany,we've missed you! This season promises to be a true look at the hardships of intimacy when you have a young child and are trying to run a business.

'Bethany Ever After' premieres Februrary 20 on Bravo at 9 Pm.

'Give me your keys, I'm taking over.' Yes! After a week long hiatus, those infamous words return on a brand new ep...