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'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Suffer Loss - Again!

10/5/2012 9:53am EDT
Dr. Mark Sloan
Many Clevelanders are heartbroken by Season 12 and grieving after watching Episode 2. Last week's season premiere showed fans where all the cast members were a few months after the infamous plane crash. Tonight's episode was slightly different - the entire hour was flashbacks showing how each cast member's medical condition improved or took a drastic turn for the worse.

Grey's Anatomy creator and writer, Shona Rhimes, certainly knows how to draw in fans with a fantastic storyline. For years, no stone has been left unturned, no detail left out. Unfortunately, tonight during Episode 2, that ...

'Grey's Anatomy' Returns: Who Survives The Plane Crash

9/28/2012 9:43am EDT
Surprise's around every corner this season on Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy fans were glued to their televisions last evening. After months of agonizing as to who survives the plane crash, the answers are finally here. Just don't let it give you an idea as to what will happen this season. Shonda Rhimes, creator and head writer, has announced nothing is what you think it will be this season.

The final episode of Season 8 left us wondering:

*Is Dr. McDreamy's hand injured to the point where he cannot perform surgery going forward?

*Will Dr. McSteamy get over Lexi's death after professing his love to her?

*Will Christina, who has suffered PTSD in th...

Hip Hop Manager Chris Lighty Found Dead

8/31/2012 7:51am EDT
Chris Lightly found dead outside his Bronx apartment
Today music fans are mourning another death in the hip hop world. Chris Lighty, a manager to some of hip hop's biggest artists, shot himself outside his Bronx apartment earlier today.

New York police spokesman stated that Lighty was "found with a gunshot wound to his head and a semi-automatic firearm next to his body at 11:30 a.m." Lighty walked outside his South Riverdale apartment about 11:30 a.m., after an arguement with his wife, Veronica, police sources said.

Law enforcement sources said Lighty's wife filed for divorce last year and may have been dealing with financial struggles, inc...

Sage Stallone Died Of Natural Causes

8/30/2012 10:15pm EDT
Sylvester Stallone and son Sage in Rocky V
On July 13th, fans world-wide were devasted by the news that Sage Stallone was found dead in his home by an employee. Sage was Sylvester Stallone's 36 year old son.

Among the items found in Stallone's home were numerous bottles of medications which led officials to suspect drugs may have been the cause of death. Previously, Stallone’s mother, Sasha Czack, suspected prescription drugs might have played a role in her son’s death.

Today, the Los Angeles Coroner's office determined that Sage Stallone died from natural causes due to a heart condition. The official report indicates that his cau...