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My name is Jeffrey Malone, and I like liking things. I view reality through the lens of pop culture. I can also be found at,, Twitter, and YouTube.

'Community' Gang Attends A Wedding

May 26th, 2015 3:29pm EDT
“Homer’s Enemy,” a classic episode of “The Simpsons” featured the story of Frank Grimes, a mild-mannered new hire at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, driven insane while forced to work alongside incompetent buffoon Homer. Since that episode aired, “Frank Grimes” has become shorthand in certain TV nerd circles for a one-off guest character who is a sort of audience surrogate who demonstrates just how maddening it would be to actually live alongside crazy TV people.

“Community” first explored this trope in Season 3’s “Competitive Ecology,” with Todd, who declared that the study group lov...

'Community' Recap: 'Modern Espionage'

May 20th, 2015 9:11am EDT
“Do you try to evolve, or do you try to know who you are?” Season 1 ended with Jeff facing this dilemma. As the years have gone on, this issue has come to define his show as a whole. Season 6 has brought this conflict to a head. Do you try to evolve beyond paintball, or do you try to know who you are and recapture your original homage episode glory?

By beginning “Modern Espionage” with a thrilling cold opening that captured the foreboding vibe of spy cinema, the value of continuing with old tricks appeared to be quite high. With acrobatic car stunts and mysterious off-camera dialogue, Rob ...

'Bob's Burgers' Fifth Season Is A Wrap

May 18th, 2015 10:40am EDT
Bob's Burgers
With little fanfare, or more fanfare than expected, depending on how you look at it, “Bob’s Burgers” wrapped up its fifth season on May 17, 2015, making for another winning entry in the canon of classic animated sitcoms. It was a wacky year, with a wacky 7:30 timeslot resulting in conflicts with football for much of the fall. A cancellation of one show and the premiere of another had “Bob’s” bouncing to the 9:30 spot and then back to 7:30. So perhaps the odd scheduling choice of two new episodes two hours apart was the most appropriate decision to end this season. It certainly fit the ethos...

'SNL' Season 40 Finale – We Grade The Sketches

May 17th, 2015 9:25am EDT
SNL Season 40 Finale
In recent “SNL” history, the season finale has been reserved for familiar faces. Year 40 was no different, with Louis C.K. hosting for the third time in as many seasons and Rihanna making her fifth appearance as musical guest. Finales often have a celebratory air, with an overabundance of cameos, or an ode to the upcoming summer, or a farewell to departing talent, but there was not much of that this time. Instead, this was a fairly standard Season 40 episode, with a focus on original material that was best when it got weird. Unfortunately, it did not go weird often enough, and what resulted...

'The Middle' Wraps Up 6th Season

May 14th, 2015 9:20am EDT
The Middle - The Graduate
Sometimes in life, you just have to have faith that things are going to work out. That has not usually been the message of “The Middle,” (at least, not without any caveats), but Heck family life has been a little different throughout Season 6. So many episodes of this show have ended by making the best of a less-than-ideal situation. A few wins would be thrown in here and there. But the wins of the season 6 finale were of a different tenor. Viewed in just the context of this episode, they may have appeared unearned, but they were in fact part of a pattern of winning behavior.

Axl fell into...

'Community' Recap: 'Basic RV Repair and Palmistry'

May 13th, 2015 8:49am EDT
It is quite the challenge to make a good sitcom episode based around boredom. But that was what Abed – and by extension, “Community” – was attempting to create for this road trip gone awry. He knows the difference between real life and TV, and when he has blended the two, he has done so in a way that felt natural, that is, as natural for someone as odd as him. But imposing explanatory flashbacks onto his actual reality is in physically impossible territory.

Abed did not come across as regressing or having a psychotic break, because the inherent boredom of a long road trip can lead people t...

'Bob's Burgers' Recap: 'Housetrap'

May 11th, 2015 11:04am EDT
Bob's Burgers
Getting stuck in a stranger’s house because of some extracurricular snooping is a fairly common, fairly creepy sitcom staple. Does this sort of thing happen in real life? Probably, but those real-life scenarios are likely much more dangerous than the television versions. On TV, there is often a hint of danger underscoring the whole scenario, but the situation is so ridiculous that laughs – nervous though they may be – tend to win out the day. This is all to say, this is an eye roll-worthy storytelling device. But “Housetrap” avoided that skepticism by going so far into typical “Bob’s Burger...

Reese Witherspoon Hosted 'Saturday Night Live' -- Watch All The Highlights Here!

May 10th, 2015 4:04pm EDT
'SNL' Season 40, Episode 20 Recap: Reese Witherspoon/Florence +
Reese Witherspoon's first "Saturday Night Live" hosting stint was also the first show to air after 9/11. While she did have a few memorable performances then, that appearance was mostly marked by nerves. Freed from any overwhelming existential uncertainty about the place of comedy, Reese was able to demonstrate that she is a natural next to the "SNL" cast, happy to play along in roles that took advantage of her sunny personality. This episode also continued the tradition of dedicating the Mother's Day weekend show to the holiday, taking that trend about as far as it could possibly go.


'The Middle' Mother's Day Reservations

May 7th, 2015 10:33am EDT
The Middle - Mother’s Day Reservations
Sometimes you just can’t win. So you wait it out, and then maybe the win does come later, and maybe you’re not even there to revel in it, but you’re still all the better for it. And you were wise not to raise a stink when everything was falling apart. So it went with the Heck children and father in “Mother’s Day Reservations.”

It was probably more than a little insane for Frankie to expect her family to make this year any better than past Mother’s Day’s, but they have all been doing well lately, so perhaps there was a chance a small miracle was in the offering. After all, Axl is 21, Sue is...

'New Girl' Finale: Coach Says Goodbye To The Gang

May 6th, 2015 10:16am EDT
New Girl Season 4 Finale
Getting rid of sentimental attachments might be the easier option, but that is not how “New Girl” roll. It may have been how Coach survived the constant moves of a military brat, but his current living companions are more formidable than what he is used to. This show rewards its characters for unapologetically being who they are, and what you are is shaped a great deal by the people you have known and love. When it comes to the conflict between the potential rewards and risks of connection, “New Girl” will always, always come down on the side of reward.

Speaking of consistency, Jess has al...