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Jeffrey Malone Jeffrey Malone
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My name is Jeffrey Malone, and I like liking things. I view reality through the lens of pop culture. I can also be found at,, Twitter, and YouTube.

'Mulaney' Season 1, Episode 3 Review: Large, Shaky Cursive

October 20th, 2014 10:59am EDT
The aim of a "Mulaney" episode appears to be establishing a theme in John Mulaney’s stand-up and then acting out scenarios that represent that theme. The routine here is about how Halloween is kind of funny and different from other holidays. There was some strong material here, notably how horror movie villains have become scarier and less wealthy and how brown and tan food and clothing denotes Thanksgiving as the least sexy holiday. But there was not much of a story connected to this material, just a series of loosely connected jokes. Thus, instead of saying something significant about...

'New Girl' Season 4, Episode 5 Review: A Bowl of Jelly

October 15th, 2014 10:08am EDT
New Girl
The practice of cord cutting has become a recognizably frequent practice of the 21st century, so where does “New Girl” get off thinking that it can make a sitcom episode in 2014 about installing a landline telephone? As convenient as cell phones have become, there are still geographical spots where coverage is spotty. Coverage can even be weirdly arranged such that only one room of an apartment gets decent reception. Such was the case of the “New Girl” episode “Landline,” an example of a sitcom defiantly declaring that it shall have a plotline that made sense 20 years ago.

The idea that...

'Mulaney' Season 1, Episode 2 Review: 'White, Uptight, And Wack As Hell'

October 13th, 2014 9:39am EDT
The second episode of “Mulaney” was much more structurally sound than the pilot, which in one sense makes it more adequate but in another sense makes it less interesting. This may be the stage of necessary growing pains as this show attempts to move beyond a fascinating mess into something durable. The idea of the show appears to be an episodic literalization of routines from John Mulaney’s stand-up, which “The Doula” consistently focused on.

Of all the multi-cam throwback elements of “Mulaney,” the stand-up snippets have easily been the most successful so far. John Mulaney is in his el...

Bill Hader Triumphantly Returns To Host 'Saturday Night Live'

October 12th, 2014 4:31pm EDT
Bill Hader Triumphantly Returns To Host 'Saturday Night Live' Wi
Recent alumni returning to host "Saturday Night Live" have lately served as an excuse to fill the episode with cameos from former cast members and friends of the show, with last season's finale hosted by Andy Samberg a particularly egregious example. That tendency is not a good fit for a show with a large repertory cast including several rookies and sophomores fighting to make themselves known. Luckily, this episode only featured two cameos, only one of whom was a former cast member, and neither of whom overwhelmed the show. Hader did resurrect a few of his most memorable characters, but he...

John Mulaney's 10 Best 'SNL' Sketches

October 12th, 2014 12:40pm EDT
John Mulaney
Comedian John Mulaney’s semi-autobiographical sitcom “Mulaney,” about a stand-up comic trying to make it in New York while interacting with his wacky friends, premiered on FOX October 5. The show co-stars Nasim Pedrad, Martin Short, Zack Pearlman, and Elliott Gould. Mulaney was previously a staff writer for five seasons on “Saturday Night Live.” To get a sense of his comedic sensibility, let’s take a look at the best sketches he contributed during his “SNL” tenure:

1. Stefon (co-written with Bill Hader)

Mulaney’s crowning “SNL” achievement was Weekend Update’s city correspondent, whi...

'The Middle' Season 6, Episode 3 Review: Camaraderie And Bonhomie

October 9th, 2014 10:01am EDT
The Middle
The characters on “The Middle” have always had clearly defined quirks, but unlike other shows whose characters fit that description, it has not fallen in the pitfall of being allergic to character development. “Major Anxiety” was not hesitant at all in demonstrating this. Brick and Axl both behaved in ways that they never would have at the beginning of this series, but they still were recognizably themselves. Character development cannot be ignored in children, seeing as they grow up and usually change. But that development on a sitcom is not always as natural and satisfying as it was i...

'New Girl' Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: An Anteater's Being Born

October 8th, 2014 8:54am EDT
New Girl - Micro
A micropenis might sound like fake science invented for sitcoms, but it is actually a real phenomenon that occurs in about 0.6% of men. Because there are so few with this condition, Jess’ bar pick-up Matt (Alan Ritchson, late of playing Aquaman on “Smallville”) is in the position of serving as representative of this entire minority. That is not really fair, to Matt or to those with micropenises in general.

Just because Matt is a douche bag does not mean that “New Girl” is saying anyone with a micropenis will inevitably be a douche bag. Nor is it legitimate for Matt to blame his personal...

'Bob's Burgers' Season 5 Premiere Review: Die Hard The Musical: A One-Gene Show!

October 6th, 2014 1:39pm EDT
Bob's Burgers
“This musical theater stuff is just too dangerous.”

The characters of “Bob’s Burgers” have a tendency to go dangerously overboard. The kicker of it is that they do so in areas of life that typically do not have a high frequency of actual physical harm. While this is not a show that shies away from the serious physical consequences of wild shenanigans, the danger of musical theater and of the overenthusiasm tend to be more of the mental variety. it is only appropriate that guidance counselor Mr. Frond would be the one to express exasperation over it all. He absolutely deserves a Conflic...

'Mulaney' Series Premiere Review: Mulaney Is Filmed In Front of a Live Studio Audience, Okay?

October 6th, 2014 11:18am EDT
While the hope is that TV pilots eventually become shows that can stand on their own, the best way to initially understand them is by comparing them to their predecessors. “Mulaney” is a semi-autobiographical sitcom about a stand-up comedian and his wacky friends in New York City, so naturally the buildup to its premiere has included frequent comparisons to one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

So just how fair are these comparisons? “Seinfeld” was one of the most ubiquitous shows of the nineties and it remains one of the most ubiquitous in syndication, so if you have been paying...

Saturday Night Live Season 40, Episode 2 Review: Sarah Silverman/Maroon 5

October 5th, 2014 5:01pm EDT
Sarah Silverman and Maroon 5 on Saturday Night Live
It's been 20 years since Sarah Silverman was one of "Saturday Night Live's" featured players (for a single season), and on Saturday night she returned to host the show for the first time.

In the past year, Silverman had a stand-up special on HBO and guest starred on a few episodes of "Masters of Sex," and with no projects at the moment -- or a strong connection to the show --she was a bit of a strange pick to land this week's hosting duties.

Saturday night's episode ended up having a similar vibe -- most of the sketches didn't have an immediate reason for existing. That's not necessarily...