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My name is Jeffrey Malone, and I like liking things. I view reality through the lens of pop culture. I can also be found at,, Twitter, and YouTube.

'The Middle' Recap: Thanksgiving For Losers

November 20th, 2014 10:40am EST
The Middle - Thanksgiving VI
This may have been the most depressing episode of the “The Middle” ever. That is no small feat for a show that has made no effort to hide the Heck family’s penny-pinching reality and daily stresses. Usually each episode will end on an at least relatively positive note to leaven that reality. “Thanksgiving VI” was not depressing because it forewent that positive ending. It was there, but it felt more momentary than ever before. The root causes of the doldrums were still taking their toll.

The good news is that despite how thorough all the Hecks’ problems are, they probably are not part...

'New Girl' Recap: Why Are You a Teacher?

November 19th, 2014 11:56am EST
New Girl
Those who can’t do, teach, and those who can’t teach, teach gym, and also health apparently. But “New Girl” will have none of the negativity of that aphorism! Coach was assured several times throughout “Teachers” that Health is the most important subject in school. There may have been a bit of exaggeration here, but the sentiment was sincere. Coach’s colleagues really did believe that the students needed someone to yell at them about chlamydia.

This episode was purposeful in its simple title. It was a rejoinder to the words of George Bernard Shaw, Woody Allen, and Jack Black, serving ...

'Bob's Burgers': 'You Technically Are My Best Friend'

November 17th, 2014 8:42am EST
Bob's Burgers
What is a best friend? And how do you know when you have one? When it comes to romance, it is not unheard of for friends to point out to oblivious people how much they are obviously in love with someone. But when it comes to friends, people generally do not need to have it pointed out to them which of their acquaintances qualifies for the next level up. If you spend plenty of time with someone and enjoy doing so, then that person is clearly a friend.

However, for someone like Bob Belcher, who is not too introspective and who does not interact with too many people beyond his family and ...

'Saturday Night Live': Hunger Games Cast Crash Woody's Monologue, Musical Guest Kendrick Lamar & More

November 16th, 2014 7:27am EST
SNL - Woody Harrelson
Season 40 of “Saturday Night Live” has been notably light on recurring material; this episode, with the exception of one sketch and one Weekend Update segment, was completely devoid of anything recurring. While it is nice to have a tendency towards original material, the best “SNL” seasons have always had a decent mix of new and repeating characters. It is time for the cast and writers to really figure out what they do best and focus on that. If the show was relying on the host to kick itself into gear in this way, then Woody Harrelson was never going to be the man for that job. Instead,...

'The Middle' Recap: Fruitball Never Ends Well

November 13th, 2014 11:18am EST
The Middle
One aspect of “The Middle” and most great sitcoms that rarely gets enough praise is how well plotted, how well designed they are. The Heck house is notable for its clutter. This gives the writers and set designers a lot of objects to make comedy out of. If a large bowl of cereal and milk is placed onto the dining room table, then chances are later in the episode an important document will be dropped into it. Similarly, if one Heck is stressing over P.E. class and another Heck is stressing over a missing wallet, then the first is going to enlist the help of the other with tinickling just...

'New Girl' Recap: 'Goldmine'

November 12th, 2014 8:55am EST
New Girl
After Winston’s shining moment in last week’s “Background Check,” did his good fortune continue by playing the Long Game with his neighbors? We’ll check back in on our boy Winston later in this review, but first, let’s cover the main storyline, in which Nick and Jess had to deal with the awkwardness of still living together after breaking up as it applied to new relationships.

At the end of this episode, Jess’s new love interest Ian insisted to her about Nick, “clearly he would do anything for you.” Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson have a natural chemistry with each other that has been p...

'Mulaney' Review: First Season's Best Episode So Far

November 10th, 2014 10:09am EST
“In the Name of the Mother, and the Son and the Holy Andre” was the best episode of “Mulaney” thus far. It took a simple aspect of John Mulaney’s real life and trusted that a sufficient story would come of that. This was hardly groundbreaking, and it was merely one step in the right direction for a show that may have not enough episodes left to have enough steps in the right direction, but it was genuine, and that is essential for a show that has been basing its characterization and joke structure too much on sitcom history.

Mulaney’s lapsed Catholicism probably should have been a promin...

10 Best Daft Punk Songs

November 8th, 2014 3:30pm EST
Daft Punk's 10 Best Tracks
Daft Punk had the biggest year of their career in 2013, with “Get Lucky” rising to the top of the charts and Random Access Memories winning Album of the Year. But longtime fans of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo know that they have been huge names in electronic dance music for a while, starting with their 1997 debut house breakthrough Homework. They followed that up in 2001 with the dreamy Discovery and then in 2005 with the ironically titled Human After All, easily their most robotic album yet. With their return on the retro, disco-tinged RAM, they established themselve...

'New Girl' Recap: Winston Bishop Takes Center Stage In 'Background Check'

November 5th, 2014 10:10am EST
New Girl - Winston Bishop - Background Check
Winston Bishop, as these reviews have frequently noted, is the odd man out on “New Girl.” But that has been perfectly fine, especially this season, as he has been content to hang out in the background and deliver ridiculous, but strangely insightful, lines, such as how his friends are like rubbing alcohol (“You sting me in the now, but you save me in the later”). However, with “Background Check,” it was Winston’s turn to take center stage.

With Sgt. Tess Dorado of the LAPD making a visit to the loft, it was an all hands on deck situation for his friends to nudge him into the success of m...

'Bob's Burger's' Season 5, Episode 2 Review: Catfished By A Box

November 3rd, 2014 9:39am EST
Bob's Burgers
“Bob’s Burgers” has a knack for going heavily conceptual, often with homages to sci-fi or fantasy films, and then naturally weaving those concepts into the lives of its characters. In that vein, “Tina and the Real Ghost” was not really an exploration of supernatural presences, as of course there was no ghost in the box. But even if there had been, this episode was always going to be about the students of Wagstaff Middle School were affected.

The thing about teenagers, and particularly the teenagers on this show, is that they want know what the deal is with a weird new thing, often for fe...