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My name is Jeffrey Malone, and I like liking things. I view reality through the lens of pop culture. I can also be found at,, Twitter, and YouTube.

'The Middle' Recap: The Best 'Not Mother's Day' Ever!

5/5/2016 10:15am EDT
'The Middle' Season 7, Episode 22 Recap: The Best 'Not Mother's
Usually when “The Middle” features Frankie making a big, bold declaration about how a holiday celebration is going to be different this year, it tends to go haywire. But “Not Mother’s Day” actually kind of accomplishes what it sets out to do. Frankie genuinely does not want to be bound by the stress of a family gathering and announces that everyone is free to do as they please. (We’ve heard that before…) Amazingly, everyone does end up doing their own thing, resulting in an episode that has four, or maybe even five, subplots. There is some connective tissue, as Frankie decides that everyone...

'New Girl' Recaps: 'Dress'/'Return To Sender'

5/4/2016 9:07am EDT
'New Girl' Season 5, Episodes 19 And 20 Recap: 'Dress'/'Return T
Schmidt and Cece have to take care of a few last-minute items in anticipation of their nuptials, as do their friends, who are pretty much matching their stress levels. In a lot of ways, this season of “New Girl” has been about the lead-up to this wedding. This is a show that has utilized premieres and finales for weddings before, so it does not feel all that out of the ordinary. So there is no need for the loft crew to make any major changes to their identities, but now that it is two of their own forming a union, they see the need to emphasize the best of who they are.

That quest for perf...

What's New & Expiring On Netflix In May

4/29/2016 10:35am EDT
What's New & Expiring On Netflix In May
May your Netflix-ing be forever chill. And there are plenty of reasons why it should be in the near future! Leading the charge is Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated crime thriller “Bloodline” on May 27. Set in the Florida Keys, it is the sort of show that your parents or TV-addicted aunt probably love.

Chelsea Handler is bringing Netflix into the talk show game, with her eponymous “Chelsea” debuting on the 11th. New episodes will stream Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and there will be 90 episodes per year.

The second in Adam Sandler’s four-film Netflix deal, “The Do-Over,” drops on the 27th...

'The Middle' Recap: 'The Lanai'

4/28/2016 10:11am EDT
The Middle The Lanai
“The Middle” has a knack for identifying in a low-key way natural phenomena that are simple but powerful. The First Spring Day Warm Enough to Wear Shorts and Sunbathe and Otherwise Believe That Life Is Worth Living is not an official designation, but it is absolutely real, isn’t it? As an integral part of the seasonal cycle of life, it is unassuming, but profound. It certainly can be counted on to affect people’s behavior. With the sun shining and the mercury rising, the good moods are dominating and with them so is confidence. But with that disposition in rare supply in the preceding month...

'New Girl' Recaps: 'Road Trip'/'A Chill Day In'

4/27/2016 10:06am EDT
'New Girl' Season 5, Episodes 17 And 18 Recap: 'Road Trip'/'A Ch
Now it really looks like the “New Girl” writers knew that this season was going to end in a series of back-to-back chunks. How else to explain the one-two scheduling coup of a bachelor party episode followed by a bachelorette party episode (with a little “Grandfathered” in between)? Not only that but “Road Trip” and “A Chill Day In” chronologically exist concurrently and share corresponding emotional beats. Schmidt and Cece are still freaking out, which they ought to be allowed to do, because marriage is scary, but this time it has nothing to do with measuring how much they love each other....

Notable Films From The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

4/26/2016 10:46am EDT
Notable Films From The 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
The 15th Tribeca Film Festival just wrapped up its April 13-24 run in lower Manhattan, and the hodgepodge spirit of this cinematic jamboree(/virtual reality exhibition/experiential hub) is alive and well. It may not have as clear an identity as other festivals (like Sundance, the arbiter early Oscar buzz, or Toronto, the arbiter of less-early Oscar buzz), but it still offers a prominent platform for smaller films to make an impact. Here are some notable entrants from this year’s lineup that we managed to catch over the past week and a half.

“Rebirth” Nails Small-Scale Exhilaration

Fran ...

'New Girl' Recaps: 'Jeff Day'/'Helmet'

4/20/2016 8:46am EDT
'New Girl' Season 5, Episodes 15 and 16 Recap: 'Jeff Day'/'Helme
“New Girl” is airing its final 8 episodes of season 5 back-to-back, starting with the pair of “Jeff Day” and “Helmet.” Usually when 2-parters exist because of network expediency instead of actually being written as 2-parters, they are not connected in any way besides temporal proximity (and all the other ways that two different episodes of the same TV show are connected). But “Jeff Day” and “Helmet” have just about the same character configurations and plot concerns. They move the same concerns forward while standing on their own as individual stories. They are built with durability, focusi...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Returns For Third Time As SNL Host

4/18/2016 9:01am EDT
'Saturday Night Live' Season 41, Episode 18 Recap: Julia Louis-D
This episode marks Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ third time returning to “SNL” as host, but in a way it feels like her first. She never hosted while “Seinfeld” was on the air, and this is the first to coincide with her run on “Veep.” Her last two times were during the age of the decidedly less heralded “New Adventures of Old Christine.” This is all to say, she has never more been one of the undisputed reigning queens of comedy. The writing had better not fail her.

Democratic Presidential Debate – The time in between Democratic primary debates is long enough such that Larry David’s cameo appearanc...

Is It Too Early To Start Thinking About The Emmys?

4/17/2016 11:12am EDT
Dear Emmys, Please Don't Forget These Shows and Actors Come Nomi
It has been well over a month since the Oscars, which means it is time to switch gears to the Emmys. The nominations are usually not announced until the middle of the summer, but it is never early to get the TV Academy’s attention to make sure they do not overlook certain shows and performances. Here are some examples of televisual excellence that the Emmys have yet to recognize (due to newness and/or lack of viewership) but that they really should:

Comedy Series: “Review”
According to Vulture critic Matt Zoller Seitz, the mark of a great TV show is “the continual possibility of surprise...

'The Middle' Recap: 'Survey Says...'

4/14/2016 10:05am EDT
'The Middle' Season 7, Episode 20 Recap: 'Survey Says...'
Surely one of the toughest moments for parents is when they no longer recognize their children. “The Middle” compounds that horror scenario by making it happen with two kids at once. At least Mike and Frankie are able to split the duties of handling the fallout. No matter how much or how little it hits them directly, though, every little bit is existentially alarming. The question for Ma and Pa Heck, as well as the parents (and parents-at-heart) in the audience, is how much of these changes temporary and how much is fundamental.

Mike and Frankie are equally distressed by Axl and Sue, respe...