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Jason Gallagher is currently using the Force to trick entertainment sites like this one into thinking he's a great writer. He also slaves away at SEO and marketing copy because the rent is too damn high. Oh, and he was once a newspaper reporter, covering petty fights between small town politicians who all thought they were the King of Westeros. Jerks. Follow him on Twitter @MuckrakerJG.

The Best Brienne Of Tarth Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'

4/28/2016 10:22pm EDT
20 Noble And Badass Brienne Of Tarth Quotes From 'Game Of Throne
'Game of Thrones' hasn't been very kind to its noblest characters over the course of its six seasons on HBO. Eddard Stark was a good man but that didn't stop Joffrey Baratheon from chopping off his head. Eddard's son and wife would soon learn a similar lesson during The Red Wedding. Even the Season 6 premiere reinforced this truth when the honorable Doran Martell and his son was offed by the Sand Snakes. In short, it's pretty clear that being a good person puts you directly into the line of fire in Westeros.

And yet, perhaps the noblest character of all is still standing. Good luck trying ...

The Best Sansa Stark Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'

4/28/2016 8:34pm EDT
Sansa Stark's 20 Best Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'
Sansa Stark's come a long way, baby.

Sansa, the daughter of the late Eddard and Catelyn Stark on HBO's 'Game of Thrones', has arguably had the worst life out of any of the main cast members since she first left Winterfell back in Season One. First, she watched Joffrey behead her father and then take her as his prisoner. Then, the Red Wedding happened. After she finally got out of King's Landing, she watched 'Littlefinger' push her aunt through the moon door and then was shipped back to Winterfell to marry Ramsay Bolton, aka Joffrey 2.0.

That's quite a bit of trauma for one person to deal ...

The Best Lord Varys Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'

4/28/2016 5:56pm EDT
20 Clever Lord Varys Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'
Lord Varys, better known within King's Landing as "The Spider," is of the most skilled manipulators on HBO's 'Game of Thrones'. During the first few seasons of the show, Varys managed a large network of spies that he used, officially at least, to protect the king and the realm as the "Master of Whisperers". But longtime viewers know that The Spider, played by actor Conleth Hill, often used these connections for his own purposes.

Varys may be an eunuch (which in the world of Westeros means that his, um, manhood has been removed) but his lack of cojones has never stopped him from taking a gr...

The Best 'Littlefinger' Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'

4/28/2016 3:58pm EDT
20 Clever Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish Quotes From 'Game Of Thro
Master of Coin, master of deception.

Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish served as the king's treasurer during the early days of HBO's 'Game of Thrones', but he was also a brothel owner who always seemed to be working on a devious plan behind the scenes. Littlefinger, portrayed by actor Aidan Gillen, used his sex business to get information on his political opponents.

'Game of Thrones' is known for its outstanding writing and dialogue but few characters are as clever as Lord Baelish. Whether issuing a veiled threat to an enemy or gently stringing along the next individual to become a chess piece...

Are Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio Just Friends Or Something More?

4/19/2016 10:27pm EDT
Rihanna Spotted Hanging Out With Leonardo DiCaprio At Coachella
Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna turned some heads at Coachella on Saturday when they were spotted partying together, although both celebrities tried to go incognito for the meetup.

People reports that the recent Oscar winner and pop star were photographed at the Neon Carnival, an event near the annual desert music festival.

Rihanna tried to avoid attention with a pair of stunner shades while Leo did the same with his aviators and Michigan baseball cap.

A source told People that the couple appeared friendly but not romantic during the party.

"Leo slipped into the party incognito and was da...

The Obamas Are Getting The Royal Treatment In The U.K.

4/19/2016 9:53pm EDT
 President Obama And The First Lady To Meet With British Royals
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are getting the royal treatment in the U.K. this Friday.

The British Royal Family confirmed in a press release Monday that the Obamas will be visiting Kensington Palace, where they will be hosted by Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as William's brother, Prince Harry.

"Their Royal Highnesses are very much looking forward to welcoming President and Mrs. Obama to Kensington Palace," the statement reads.

US Weekly reports that the meeting will take place at the Duke and Duchess' home in Apartment 1A. The Obamas reportedly will al...

Why Is Kelly Ripa Upset With Michael Strahan?

4/19/2016 9:17pm EDT
Michael Strahan Blindsides Kelly Ripa, Leaves 'Live' For 'Good M
Michael Strahan just delivered a major game changer but this time, the play was made not on the football field but within the highly competitive world of morning television.

ABC confirmed to US Weekly on Tuesday that the former NY Giants defensive end will be leaving his post on 'Live! with Kelly and Michael' to join the network's flagship morning program, 'Good Morning America,' full-time.

"I look forward to continuing to work with the incredible team at 'GMA'," Strahan, 44, said in his statement to US Weekly. "It is an exciting opportunity to be able to bring unique stories and voices t...

Alessandra Ambrosio Isn't Shy About Showing Off On Instagram

4/19/2016 11:49am EDT
The 40 Sexiest Photos From Alessandra Ambrosio's Instagram
Alessandra Ambrosio started modeling when she was just 15. Today, the 35-year-old is an industry icon, thanks largely to her work with Victoria's Secret. Ambrosio has walked more Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows than any other model besides Adriana Lima. She is the 2nd longest tenured Victoria's Secret Angel, serving since 2004. That same year she was also selected to serve as the company's first spokesmodel for its "PINK" lineup.

Ambrosio's career includes appearing in advertisements for brands like Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. She's walked catwalks for Prada, Chanel an...

The Best Katniss Everdeen Quotes From 'The Hunger Games'

4/18/2016 4:08pm EDT
20 Fearless and Powerful Katniss Everdeen Quotes From 'The Hunge
In a world that is sometimes lacking strong female characters in its fictional storytelling, Katniss Everdeen is a breath of fresh air. The main protagonist of 'The Hunger Games' book series, Katniss is a strong and fearless leader, although somewhat reluctant at first. The girl who started out just wanting to save her sister would go on to inspire a revolution that would bring the Capitol to its knees.

'The Hunger Games' books written by Suzanne Collins might have come first, but after four blockbuster movies, there are plenty of fans who will forever associate the character of Katniss w...

Take A Look At Kylie Jenner's Sexiest Instagrams

4/18/2016 11:40am EDT
The 32 Sexiest Photos From Kylie Jenner's Instagram
Kylie Jenner is only 18 years old but you wouldn't know it from the growing empire she's built for herself. Kylie may be the youngest sister on the infamous 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' but that hasn't stopped her from making big moves in the business world. She's struck deals with PacSun, Steve Madden and Puma to name a few. In September 2015, Kylie launched her own personalized website and mobile app alongside her sister Kendall. The "Kendall and Kylie" mobile app regularly ranks in Apple's top 100 grossing apps in the App Store. Not bad for a teenager.

A large part of Kylie's huge ...