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Los Angeles Film Festival 2013 – 'What To See'

Jason Coleman Jason Coleman
June 16th, 2013 1:26pm EDT





LAFF 2013

"Fruitvale Station" – I saw the trailer and was hooked. I am a sucker for a true story and it won at Sundance for a first time director.


Summer Showcase 

LAFF 2013

"Ain’t Them Bodies Saints" – Rooney Mara was hot in Dragon Tattoo. I just gotta see this.

LAFF 2013 

"The Conjuring" – James Wan always entertains but does not always hit the mark. I want to see him hit the bull’s-eye.


Narrative Competition

LAFF 2013

"Forev" – I hate rom coms as they mostly suck. I must see at least 1 per festival to find the one that is truly romantic and funny.


Documentary Competition

LAFF 2013

"Code Black" – I hope it is not the formulaic TV "ER" we know so well.  A decade’s hospital vet like me wants to see true realty-show the truth “doc”.

LAFF 2013

"Tapia" – I saw him fight. Now I get to see the man behind the fists of fury.


International Showcase

LAFF 2013

"Drug War" – Johnny To, Hong Kong legend, nuff said. Go see it, end of story!


The Beyond

LAFF 2013

"Delivery" – Found footage needs a new twist. Plus I have always wanted to know what’s in the archives of reality shows that we never get to see

LAFF 2013

"Lessons of the Evil" – My number one pick to see is a no brainer. Takashi Miike’s long awaited return to Horror after samurai brilliance.  A don’t miss it period!


So stay tuned to for continuing coverage of the amazing LA Film Fest 2013 ( including photos, reviews and a whole lot more – enjoy the festival fans!

LA Film Fest 2013

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