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Blu-ray Review: 'Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2'

Jason Coleman Jason Coleman
11/20/2012 10:00am EST

Pixar shorts 2

Ready for another helping of your favorite animated Pixar characters and some new ones to boot in short order?  Then check out our Blu-ray review "Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2" out now from Disney/Pixar Home Entertainment.  The shorts skinny lies below!


Pixar Shorts 2 Blu-ray


   Title: "Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Dug, BURN-E, Buzz Lightyear

   Director: Various

   Rating: G

   Runtime: 75 minutes

   Release Company: Disney/Pixar

   Website: www.DisneyBluray.com




The Flick: The big difference between this set and the first is how much more original and inspired material was on the original.  The globe snowman desperate to get out, a unicycle with big dreams and alien abduction classes all showed what imaginations the folks at Pixar had to offer.  This second set is more of a rehash of the feature films, with more than a half dozen simply showing us the same characters in the same situations.  (How many Mater shorts are they going to make?!)  But it’s the originals here that shine including 'Presto' about a magician and his demanding rabbit, 'La Luna' for those who love the moon and especially the engaging and funny 'Partially Cloudy' where a dark cloud tries to get it right.  Word of advice to those busy Pixar guys – originality shouldn’t just be reserved for the flicks guys.

Best Feature: The Commentaries on each short range from good to bad, but I personally dug the collection of 'Short Student Films' by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Doctor – these guys invented payoff in short form.

Best Hidden Gem: Even though it’s WALL-E territory, I still get a kick out of the not as loved BURN-E.

Worth the Moola: More of the same for Pixar freaks (meaning the same characters over again!), but when it does original it does it well.

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Photo Credits: Photos Courtesy of Disney/Pixar Home Entertainment