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DVD Review: 'Madison County'

Jason Coleman Jason Coleman
5/14/2012 12:22pm EDT

Madison County photo

Leather face seemed extreme, but pig face?  We’re checking out the very eerie looking "Madison County" out now on DVD from Image Entertainment.  Human cuts and slices with a smile – serving the review up below!


Madison County DVD



   Title: "Madison County"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Colley Bailey, Matt Mercer, Ace Marreto

   Director: Eric England

   Rating: Unrated

   Runtime: 82 minutes

   Release Company: Image Entertainment

   Website: www.watchimage.com




The Flick: As a horror outing "Madison County" starts off gamey and just gets worse.  Not only does it have a familiar ‘kids out looking for trouble’ story premise and a gang of stereotypical and dull teens (bad guy, geeky guy, jock type, ect.), but this one features some of the worst 80’s porn music I’ve ever heard.  Mix that with a killer who’s not scary (a severed pig head only made me hungry for bacon!), effects that feel Grade-B and one non-ending that makes you wonder where the last eighty-two minutes went and you’ve got a forgettable film that even the bargain bin would reject on principle.

Best Feature: I could barely get through the commentary, but at least the 'Screamfest Q&A' session is quick and has some unintentionally funky camera blunders.

Best Hidden Gem: There is a creepy killer granny waitress that did give me the willies – does that count?!

Worth the Moola: Kiss you axe goodbye?  Nah, kiss your hard earned dollars goodbye!

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Photo Credits: Photos Courtesy of Image Entertainment