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Jackson Guthy: The End of The Summer Break Tour

8/22/2013 6:30pm EDT
It’s hard to believe that the Summer Break Tour is officially over. I knew that this day was going to creep up on us- but with endings come new beginnings!

To celebrate the end of the tour I wanted to share my thoughts and some behind the scenes with my fans as a big thank you! Your support and encouragement these last few months has been the highlight of my summer. The tour was better with you.

Summer Break Tour was crazy. Awesome seeing all the fans cheering in the crowd and singing along to my songs. So much energy in every city. Huge shout out to all the Big Time Rush and Victoria Jus...

Jackson Guthy: Life On The Summer Break Tour

7/31/2013 12:30pm EDT
Hey everyone, Jackson Guthy here. Just wanted to up everyone since it's been a couple weeks since we've last talked. It’s been incredible touring with Big Time Rush, Victoria Justice, and Olivia Somerlyn over the past several weeks. Each week I see more and more Jackson fans, so I sincerely thank you all for the support. I would also like to thank all of the Big Time Rush fans, Victoria Justice fans, and Olivia Somerlyn fans for embracing me and supporting my music.

I’ve done so many fun things so far on tour and made unforgettable memories with family, friends and fans. The Summer Break T...

Jackson Guthy: Second Week On The Summer Break Tour

7/9/2013 4:30pm EDT
Jackson Guthy
Hey everyone! It's Jackson Guthy back again checking in with you on The Summer Break Tour! Everything has been going great so far and my fans have been just awesome! I get to see an incredible bunch of fans at my meet and greets after every show. Check the video below to see what they're like.

The crowds are amazing and super LOUD. Any pre-show jitters I had before the tour are gone for good. I wrote so much new music pre-tour and the new songs are becoming a million times more fun onstage.

Here's an album of my Meet & Greet in West Palm! Lot's of fun meeting everyone.

Check out my w...

Celebrity Blogger: First Week On The Summer Break Tour!

7/1/2013 1:39pm EDT
Hey what's up everybody! My name is Jackson Guthy and I'll be out on tour all summer, opening for Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice on The Summer Break Tour. I'll be checking in with you throughout the tour and sharing some of my adventures for Starpulse! It's been a blast so far, below is my first tour vid so check out Episode 1!

Make sure you check back again soon for Episode 2! My next stop is July 2nd at the Landers Center in Southhaven, MS. I'd love to see you there! Check the rest of my tour dates here.