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Seth Rogan & Anna Faris Talk About Their Crazy Love Scene In 'Observe And Report'

Fred Topel Fred Topel
4/6/2009 9:38am EDT
Seth RogenSeth Rogen really gets a lot of action in his movies. From his drunken bar conquests in The 40-Year-Old Virgin to knocking up Katherine Heigl, Rogen scores. He actually feels bad for his costars, like Anna Faris in his latest, Observe and Report.

"I gotta say, they should make a support group together, Blonde Girls Forced to Have Sex With Seth Rogen in Film," Rogen joked. "You're in there, Anna. Sorry."

Their love scene is outrageous as loser mall cop Ronnie Barnhardt treats the department store makeup girl, Brandi (Faris), to all the tequila shots she can stomach. By the time they're in bed together, she's half asleep with vomit dribbling out her mouth.

"I sort of thought that our 'tender lovemaking moment,' [director] Jody [Hill] was like, 'Okay, you guys are having sex and you're going to have some vomit come out of your mouth, you're passed out and your boobs are jiggling all over,'" Faris said. "I was comforted by the studio. I was like, there's no way [they'll let this pass]. There's no way. I'll do it, sure, because I don't want to be a stick in the mud but there's no way this is going to make it in the movie."

Observe and Report

She was not in on Rogen and Hill's plans. "I guess they weren't privy to the conversations we had before making the movie," Rogen said. "We were all like, 'We're making a crazy f*cking movie, don't be shocked when it turns out crazy.'"

In retrospect, Faris is happy her love scene goes all the way. "I'm grateful, I'm grateful," she said. "I'm grateful that the movie is unapologetic."

Observe and Report opens Friday.

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