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Top 10 Hollywood Smiles

Erin Demchak Erin Demchak
6/30/2008 8:57am EDT
Jessica AlbaAll celebrities seem to have gorgeous million dollar smiles. But the mystery is whether or not they paid a million dollars for those pearly whites or if they just have great genes. There's only so much brushing, flossing, rinsing, and regular visits to the dentist one can do.

Some people admit that they paid for their smiles (like Hilary Duff and Ben Affleck) and others leave it up to our imagination. Cosmetic dentistry in Hollywood is extremely popular and most likely everyone has had at least a whitening procedure! Whether these celebs have perfect, gleaming white teeth, dimples, or an all around sexy smirk, here are the top ten Hollywood Smiles.

10. Matthew McConaughey

Not only does Matthew have killer abs and curls to die for, but his smile is extremely enchanting! Don't forget about those adorable dimples! They are irresistible and seem to complete the whole smile package he's got going on. His mouth is just all around perfect down to that southern drawl that comes rolling off his tongue. Just one smile from Matthew can brighten up your day!

Matthew McConaughey

9. Jessica Alba

Jessica is probably one of the most gorgeous girls in the world so most girls hate her anyway. But then she has to go and have an absolutely perfect smile. Come on - is there anything wrong with this girl? Umm, no! Jessica has perfect pouty lips, straight white teeth and amazing wide smile. She can definitely light up the room with her beautiful grin!

Jessica Alba

8. Will Smith

Will's smile is so warm and cheery, it makes you want to smile right along with him. He seems to have so much love for life inside of him that when he smiles it comes through and makes his entire face light up. There are hardly any pictures of Will without his flawless, pearly grin. He is the classic funnyman who is always trying to get anyone and everyone to smile along with him.

Will Smith

7. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer's adorable dimples makes her smile personality shows through her face. She especially lights up when she's with her daughter, Violet Affleck, and can't seem to contain her smile whenever she's around.

Jennifer Garner

6. Cameron Diaz

Cameron's giant smile is a perfect pair with her loud laugh. She definitely has the ability to light up a room. When Cameron smiles it is so big and genuine that you can't help laugh or smile along with her. Her charismatic personality shows all over her face when she flashes her signature smirk.

Cameron Diaz

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese is so cute with the most innocent face and bubbly smile. Even when she was going through a divorce, she always seemed to flash her classic smile to the paparazzi.

Reese Witherspoon

4. Eva Mendes

Eva not only has a beautiful face and hair and body, but her smile and teeth are radiating! That perfectly placed mole on her cheek is a perfect compliment to her beautiful smile.

Eva Mendes

3. Julia Roberts

Julia definitely earned the title "Pretty Woman" with that big pearly white smile. Her grin is so wide it seems to take up her whole face and her eyes light up and compliment her warm face.

Julia Roberts

2. Matt Damon

Matt's boyish looks and warm smile can melt a girl's heart. Honestly, his smile has been known to melt hearts! His smile is so cute and adorable it gives most girls butterflies.

Matt Damon

1. America Ferrera

There's something about this Ugly Betty star that makes you happy. America's beautiful smile has the ability to light up a room. Her huge grin can warm hearts and makes her loved by all as the girl next door.

America Ferrera

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