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Emily E. Steck Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck is a writer, aspiring good person and middle child. An avid reader & traveller, she professionally writes about everything but her #1 passion is television. When she isn't busy working, watching TV or being boring, she plays a lot of Super Smash Bros and hangs out with her dog.

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Benefactor Reveal Wasn't Disappointing, It Was Awful

August 19th, 2014 8:45am EDT
'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Benefactor Reveal Wasn't Disappointing, I
The Benefactor is supposed to be some big reveal but I can’t help but feel cheated. Cheated of this great big reveal only for it to mean absolutely nothing because I was too busy trying to make sense of what the hell actually happened this episode. There were convoluted plots that were poorly explained, awful pacing and awkward edits. I’m declaring it: this episode is the worst episode of recent memory for Teen Wolf, even after it started out so strong.

What’s so freaking problematic about this is that it just feels off. I’m sure the editors did their best with such a choppy script that we...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Quarantine Within A Quarantine, Inception Style

August 5th, 2014 8:41am EDT
Teen Wolf - Stiles
Teen Wolf goes from supernatural to sci-fi this week in a way that mirrors real-life in a very sad way. Nothing on this show can touch the tragedy of the Ebola outbreak, but it’s strangely poignant to be reminded of such real world stakes.

On a lighter note, our episode begins with our assassin/pseudo-Frankenstein concocting a special poison against his werewolf monster. He looks like that bug salesman assassin from that one episode of Buffy. He listens for instructions on how to get the ca-ching on a tape, which we also hear…

Scott and Stiles listen to. Something about wire transfers and...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Teenage Assassins Meet Their Demise, Everyone Embraces For Other Reasons

July 29th, 2014 8:35am EDT
Teen Wolf
This was such a heavy episode of Teen Wolf. After last week’s shenanigans, I figured it just be another week of Teenage Assassins, but instead Teen Wolf plays on its relationships more than anything.

There's something to be said for this transitionary year of Teen Wolf.Sure, it's basically ignored most of its core players -- there has been no talk of Isaac or Danny, for example -- but it's also putting the emotional stuff on these relationships we've watched for four seasons now. I don't think I'd care about this show at all if it weren't for the Scott and Stiles scenes and Lydia's friends...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Lacrosse & Lycanthropy

July 22nd, 2014 11:50am EDT
Teen Wolf
Here's a PSA to supernatural creatures: stay away from Beacon Hills. And Beacon County. There have been werewolf attacks, kanima paralysis, packs of Alphas, crazy maybe-bisexual Druids, nogitsunes, and now a freaking Deadpool of assassins trying to kill anyone for a buck. Out of the 30,000 people who live in Beacon Hills, I recommend abandoning ship.

Like this blond werewolf chick who I desperately rooted to stay alive. I know it was impossible for her to stay alive because she appeared before the credits, but still. She fought off the impossibly tiny little assassin named Violet before i...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Lake House

July 15th, 2014 10:18am EDT
'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Lake House
The Sheriff’s department is on the roof, waiting for one of the experts to investigate the murder. You know it's a big deal when the entire department is on the roof (and with a helicopter!). Then, as if the bat signal summoned him, Derek Hale arrives on the scene. Actually, Derek has always been Batman, he's just now embracing it. They investigate the cannibalistic teenager, who is a Wendigo – cannibalistic shapeshifters. But something smells wolfy.

That would be Liam, who is held in duct tape against his will at Scott's house. Scott and Stiles didn't really think this through, other than...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Lacrosse Is Back, Plus A Serious #SoNotChaste Moment

July 8th, 2014 10:49am EDT
Teen Wolf
Lacrosse is back people! Mama McCall is in danger! Stiles is a dweeb! Derek is still cut off from the rest of the group! Parrish and Lydia have a weird, inappropriate tension! It’s the third episode of the season, folks, and things are picking up but also appropriately slowing down. Teen Wolf is usually so focused about wolf-y things that it forgets the teen part of it. Not tonight. Everyone is paired off with a love interest (except arguably Lydia?) and either makes googly eyes or just makes out. The main concern of the episode is about lacrosse. It’s been like a whole 27 episodes since th...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: It’s Not A Hellmouth But It’s Totally A Hellmouth

July 1st, 2014 11:05am EDT
Teen Wolf
Can we talk about Beacon Hills being a hellmouth? Because it absolutely is a hellmouth. Bad things are attracted to Beacon Hills: werewolfs, nogitsunes, kanimas, dark druids, berserkers, hunters, demons, geriatric grandfathers. That new deputy in the Sheriff’s department has no idea what is to come.

But I think that in spite of all these monsters, the worst one might be Kate. Kate, the human turned were-jaguar (she’s probably that, right?). Kate is a sociopath, a crazy bitch but also a predator.

All of her manipulations with Derek prove such. Back in the day, a very Young Peter and Derek...

'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Premiere Recap: Rescue Derek

June 24th, 2014 9:10am EDT
Teen Wolf Season 4
It’s the most magical time of year folks, or at least the most magical time for magical creatures. It’s the time for a new season of Teen Wolf. After last season’s brooding, dark killing fest (RIP Allison… and Ethan I guess), I’m in need of some lame humor, lacrosse, McCall Pack hang-age, and a villain to join everyone together.

And that’s exactly what this episode is! After a previously which features a reminder of who’s what, Allison dying, and that Kate is probably some were-creature, we get an aerial shot of a desert. Fancy stuff for Teen Wolf!

It’s most definitely in Mexico where St...

23 Reasons To Howl For MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

June 23rd, 2014 10:21am EDT
23 Reasons To Howl For MTV's 'Teen Wolf'
MTV's Teen Wolf returns tonight on MTV. The show has heart, love, a little gore, some horror, patented humor and some male objectification. Aka, half-naked men. What more could you ask for from a MTV show? Except, you can ask for more. Teen Wolf delivers on entertainment, pathos. Here's 23 reasons to howl that it's coming back. Even if the show can't go back.

1. The awesome, techno-rave music that plays during fight sequences.

Imagine the music pumping. There is something to be said for dance music during a fighting scene. Classic dubstep/club music makes the fight scenes intense. It...