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When Emily was a kid she went to see Star Wars at the cinema... dressed as a Jedi Knight. If it has spaceships, aliens, robots, the supernatural or magic in it, she's probably seen it. She loves mythology, globe-trotting and a good action flick. You can reach her at emily.a.perrin@gmail.com.

Rufus Wainwright Returns To Carnegie Hall, Announces Opera In NYC

12/9/2010 3:13am EST
Rufus Wainwright
On December 6th at 8PM, Rufus Wainwright gave a concert at Carnegie Hall for the first time since his heralded tribute to Judy Garland’s legendary 1961 comeback performance. That’s over four years ago, but if anyone was worried that the master singer-songwriter wasn’t ready to take over the space once more, their fears were unfounded. Through a highly emotional two-act performance, Wainwright proved yet again that all you really need--if you’ve got the talent--is a trademark killer voice and a good piano.

Okay, the incredible acoustics of Carnegie Hall don’t hurt either.

The first act was...

Mario Batali And Celebrity Chefs Rally Around The Italianissimi Project

12/8/2010 3:32am EST
Cesare Casella and others at the Italianissimi Project launch
At the start of the month in Manhattan, an event was held at the Italian restaurant mecca SD26, to launch a new cause into the public conscience. It is called the Italianissimi Project, and it aims to educate consumers across the United States about the value of authentic Italian products. As it turns out, very few of the food items labelled “Italian” in your local supermarket actually come from Italy. This new initiative is aiming to encourage a discerning public who will not settle for less than the best when they are buying their olive oil, cheese, produce and meat.

In firm support of t...

‘Misfits’ Episode Recap: Season 2, Episode 2

12/2/2010 9:14pm EST
The Misfit Crew
While Nathan is in the middle of a sexy striptease on the roof of the community center, a young man drives up looking for him. He claims to be Nathan's brother from the same father. After a few moments’ confusion, Nathan goes with it--he's always wanted a brother after all. Cue opening sequence.

Nathan takes his newfound brother, Jamie, to a pub while the gang cover for him during community service. The lady bartender at the pub has a power of her own: she leaves ice in her wake when she gets angry. Nathan flirts with her a bit and gets her number. When he and his brother get back to the c...

'Next Iron Chef' Marc Forgione Walks The Talk

11/27/2010 12:30pm EST
Iron Chef Forgione
What makes an Iron Chef? Being an adaptable culinary master is a given, but there is a world of talent out there in the dining realm—something more must set these select few apart. In the case of newly crowned Iron Chef Marc Forgione, it may have simply been fate. As it turns out, he was given his spot on the show a mere three days before he had to get on a plane and head to Los Angeles.

“The second round [of interviews] you actually go in there, and it’s pretty weird actually, they put you in a dark room and they shine a light on you and you answer questions,” he explained, relaying the e...

Captain Jack Isn’t Done With ‘Doctor Who’

11/19/2010 11:36pm EST
Captain Jack Harkness
Russel T. Davies recently revealed in an interview that Steven Moffat, the current “Doctor Who" showrunner, would like nothing more than to bring back everyone's favorite omnisexual immortal, Captain Jack Harkness: “Well, Steven said he'd love to see Jack in Doctor Who. So if Steven says that, Steven will make it happen, I would think. That's not inside information, but I bet one day it will happen. I'd love to see it. It would be marvellous."

What does this mean for “Doctor Who,” or “Torchwood” for that matter, the spinoff series that Jack has helmed for over two seasons? It means that we...

‘Misfits’ Episode Recap: Season 2, Episode 1

11/16/2010 9:35pm EST
(Important background: At the end of the season one it was finally revealed that Nathan -- everyone’s favorite rudely loquasious, egomaniacal pain in the backside -- actually had a superpower all along. The boy who honestly believed nothing could touch him turned out to be immortal. After being buried and mourned over by friends and family he woke up in his coffin, and that’s where the end of the season left him, listening to his iPod six feet underground.)

The opening of season two reveals a masked hoodied figure in black, likely the same mysterious someone who saved Nathan from the crowd...

Martin Freeman Nabs Another Iconic Role, Following The Footsteps Of Harrison Ford

11/5/2010 6:33pm EDT
Martin Freeman
After months of confusion and rumors, it was finally announced -- with the endorsement of Peter Jackson himself -- that the role of Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming two-part adaptation of “The Hobbit” had finally been cast. The role will go to none other than Martin Freeman, a comedic actor who is best known in the public eye as ‘that guy who played a body double for a porno in “Love Actually"’.

To the trained fan eye, however, Martin Freeman is better known for his portrayal of Arthur Dent in the film adapted from Douglas Adams’ comedic science fiction series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the G...

How Many Times Can 'Doctor Who' Really Regenerate?

11/4/2010 10:51am EDT
The Eleventh Doctor
On last week's episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures", a much anticipated line was finally uttered. It was a line that confirmed once and for all how many times the Doctor, the greatest (and lately the only) Time Lord in history, could actually regenerate. Or did it?

In a 1970s episode of the long-running sci-fi hit, the Doctor claimed that his kind, the Time Lords, could regenerate -- essentially change their faces and begin another lifecycle -- just twelve times. This number was given only once in the show and yet it has seeped into fandom consciousness and grown tough roots. With the Do...