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I'm a Television Production graduate and aspiring filmmaker residing in Saint Paul, MN. A self-professed geek, I have a passion for everything related to sci-fi/fantasy, especially when it relates to women in the genre.

'Supernatural' 6x08: 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

11/15/2010 11:55pm EST
spn winchesters
Well, Supernatural, looks like you finally had an episode this season that I'm not crazy about!

Now that he's got the Winchesters on his payroll, Crowley isn't shy about sending them off to do his dirty work- this time, bagging the Werewolf Alpha. Dean isn't too crazy over his new job (and Sam couldn't really care less either way), but considering that doing a little messy work for the King of Hell means getting his brother's soul back (and his new boss can give Sam a little taste of Hellfire with a snap of his fingers), he doesn't have a lot of choices.

The two head off to Buffalo, New...

'Supernatural' 6x07 recap: 'Family Matters'

11/8/2010 4:37pm EST
spn Dean
Fresh off Dean beating his face in, Sam comes back to the land of the living only to find himself tied to a chair and about to get a Heavenly check-up from Castiel. Apparently, he also didn't think it was too important to mention that he hasn't slept since he got back from Hell; Sam is too cool to be catching some Z's.

Dean wants to know what's up with his brother, and Cas apparently thinks that means he should rip off his belt and shove it in Sam's mouth; Oh right- the only way to find out what's wrong is for Castiel to reach inside Sam. After his inspection, Castiel breaks the bad news ...

'Mike & Molly' 1x07 Recap: 'After The Lovin''

11/3/2010 11:56am EDT
After spending the entire weekend with Mike, Molly finally returns home, only to be greeted by Joyce and Victoria, who are desperate for details. Apparently, 'we had a very nice time' doesn't cut it, and poor Molly gets dragged into answering more questions that she ever wanted to.

Mike is on cloud nine after his weekend, and he can't wait to share it with the world- starting of course with Carl's grandma. She's absolutely thrilled for him, happy that Mike is finally doing so well. Carl is just glad that Mike "finally did the nasty". His grandma warns Mike that he needs to show Molly how...

'Supernatural' 6x06 Recap: 'You Can't Handle The Truth'

11/1/2010 1:19pm EDT
spn Dean
When anyone in the town of Springfield ask for the truth, they end up getting barraged with more brutal honesty than they know what to do with. The truth is more than any of them can take, leading to a rise in suicides and something new for Sam and Dean to investigate. It doesn't take them long to figure out that the victims were being force-fed the truth, all they have to do now is figure out why and stop it.

Ever since he realized that Sam allowed him to be vamped, Dean's struggled to even be in the same room as his brother. Bobby is sympathetic, but they've run Sam through all the test...

'Mike & Molly' 1x06 Recap: 'Mike's Apartment'

10/27/2010 11:56am EDT
After a date with Mike, Molly isn't quite ready to call it a night; she invites him upstairs to her bedroom, but Mike's a little worried that Joyce and Victoria might still be awake, but Molly assures him that they're probably already in bed. A quick peek inside the house proves her wrong though- the two are on the couch, wearing mud masks and giving her knowing glances. Yeeeah, that's not going to be awkward.
Mike comes up with a better plan- that Saturday, the two of them will go to his place, where they'll be absolutely alone to do whatever they want.

Mike tells Carl and Samuel about ...

'Supernatural' 6x05 Recap: 'Live Free or Twihard'

10/23/2010 3:24pm EDT
If this episode taught me one thing, it's that the 'Supernatural' writers have been trolling fan-fiction sites. Every episode this season has had some fanfic trope or another in it, and considering all of the angst and apocalypse-heaviness that they're coming down from last season, I think it's absolutely perfect that they would start going down the path of 'it's season six guys, just how insane can we actually take this?'

'Live Free or Twihard' is no exception to that thought process, as now they're delving even further into that insanity: mocking 'Twilight'.

We start out in what appear...

'Mike And Molly' Recap 1x05: 'Carl Gets Jealous'

10/20/2010 10:13am EDT
MaM Carl
Carl has noticed some changes in Mike since he's been dating Molly; he's wearing a bit of cologne, using new words- Molly's been trying to introduce a bit of culture into his life. The night before they attended the symphony, which is apparently a great place to catch a nap. Carl is worried that Mike is completely whipped and that all these changes are going to turn him into a different person, but Mike tells him that he's being ridiculous,he's always going to be his own person- in fact, he's already told Molly that he has other plans and isn't going to see her that night. Carl approves, un...

'Supernatural' 6x04 Recap: 'Weekend At Bobby's'

10/16/2010 8:29pm EDT
Bobby Rufus
I'll say it right now; I love this episode. It starts out with a flashback to last year- Bobby is just finishing up on a spell to summon Crowley, who still holds his soul. Crowley is as smarmy as ever- they've stopped Lucifer, so he's been out celebrating. And no- you don't want to know how someone like him gets his party on.

Bobby offers him a drink, but Crowley turns him down, the may have "saved the sodding world together", but that doesn't mean he has to drink the swill that Bobby calls booze.

Crowley, through with the pleasantries, moves on to the real reason Bobby called him down h...

'Mike And Molly' 1x04 Recap: 'Mike's Not Ready'

10/12/2010 1:05pm EDT
MAM 104
Mike walks Molly back to her door after an evening at the movies. Molly is laughing about him pulling his badge on someone who was talking through the film- which Mike admits was actually a peppermint patty. Molly is charmed, and invites Molly to come in for a little while- her mom is at a pole dancing class at the senior center and Victoria is out doing who-knows-what they'd have the place to themselves. She kisses Mike, obviously hoping to take things a little bit further, but Mike claims that he has an early morning and leaves Molly disappointed at her doorstep.

The next day at the din...

Supernatural 6x03 recap: 'The Third Man'

10/10/2010 5:15pm EDT
Sam, Dean, and Castiel
In the locker room at the police department, an officer is washing up when he notices blood on his face. He touches it, only to have a huge patch of skin peel off. As he steps backwards from the sink, his feet leave bloody footsteps and blood seeps through the back of his shirt. He turns to his partner "I think I’m bleeding." Really guy? I didn't notice. He falls to the floor, and one huge splat later, all that's left is a pile of meat and bones

Dean is sleeping next to Lisa when she wakes him up for a little mid-morning nookie. Dean jerks awake - it had been a dream. Sam is working out ...