The Birthday Girl Has Arrived - It's Starshell!

3/21/2012 8:31am EDT
Singer Starshell, and there's no doubt that this beauty is a star in the making, has arrived. Signed to Universal Music Group, Interscope Records via Mary J. Blige's music label Matriarch Entertainment, the 23-year-old released her first single, "Birthday Girl," from her upcoming album, "Liberation," in February 2012.

Do not assume that she's yet another pretty face. Absolutely not! Starshell has already co-writting a multi platinum hit song - Kanye West's "Love Lockdown." In addition, she has penned, as well as co-produced, most of the material on her debut album.

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Celebrity Tip: 'Mindless Behavior' Meet And Greet In NYC Today

11/22/2011 9:54am EST
Mindless Behavior
Listen up Mindless Behavior fans, we've got a tip for you. The boys are in town. Oh, yeah! All you chicas dying to be this boy band's "#1 Girl" will have a chance to meet the them at the Beats Store in New York City today.

The event begins at 5:30pm, but wristbands to get up close to these talented and swagger-rific sweethearts, who are taking the music industry by storm, will be given out starting at 12pm.

Who will you go mindless for? Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Princeton or Prodigy?


Who: Mindless Behavior

When: Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time: Wristbands given out starting a...

'The Bad Girls Club 7' Reunion Tonight - Part 2 (Video)

11/14/2011 11:05am EST
The Bad Girls Club 7
Judi may have been the most picked on in The Bad Girls Club season 7, but she must be doing something right. She is one of the Bad Girls chosen for the upcoming third season of Oxygen's spin-off show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. In this reunion clip she defends herself as Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla attempt to bully her. Hmmm...any haters in the house? You decide!

"The Bad Girls Club" airs tonight at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Perez Hilton Hosts 'The Bad Girls Club 7' Reunion Tonight (Video)

11/7/2011 4:21pm EST
The Bad Girls Club 7
Perez Hilton will once again host The Bad Girls Club reunion airing tonight on Oxygen. Will Nastasia and Shelly finish the battle they started on the last episode? Why exactly does Judi carry her purse everywhere and what's in there? Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and much more as Perez tells the cast of season 7 like it is, as always.

"The Bad Girls Club" airs tonight at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

'The Bad Girls Club 7' Finale: Nastasia vs. Shelly (Video)

10/31/2011 3:45pm EDT
The Bad Girls Club 7
It's the The Bad Girls Club 7 finale tonight and the girls are in for one final bout. When Nastasia confronts Angelic and Shelly about who touched her contacts, it goes down. Will there be a bad girl TKO? Tune in to find out.

"The Bad Girls Club" airs every Monday at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Oh Boy! 'The Bad Girls Club' Are At It Again (Video)

10/24/2011 11:22am EDT
The Bad Girls Club 7
The Bad Girls Club 7 ladies are at it again! This time newbie Cheyenne is in for a big surprise when Nastasia, Judi and Tiara toss her mattress into the pool. Will Cheyenne stand up for herself like a true Bad Girl would or wimp out. Watch and see! "The Bad Girls Club" airs every Monday at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Top 5 Reasons To Look Forward To 'The X Factor'

9/20/2011 2:00pm EDT
The X Factor Judges
The fall television season is finally upon us, which means there are a bevy of new shows to look forward to. One of those is The X Factor -- a singing competition where people vie for a chance to become a pop star, hoping that they have that extra special something differentiating them from all the rest.

The show was created by Simon Cowell (who is one of the judges), accompanied by his formerAmerican Idol cast mate Paula Abdul, followed by record executive/producer L.A. Reid and former Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger.

We have five top reasons to be excited about this show. ...

'Bad Girls Club' Do The Swamp Thing (Video)

8/19/2011 2:17pm EDT
The Bad Girls Club
The Bad Girls Club season 7 cast go for a swamp tour in this sneak peek of Monday's upcoming episode. Who will attack first? The gator or the BGC. Let's have a look!

"The Bad Girls Club" airs every Monday at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

The Bad Girls Club Is Back! Season 7 Premieres Tonight On Oxygen

8/1/2011 11:30am EDT
The Bad Girls Club - Season 7
The baddest girls on the Oxygen network are back and in a new city - New Orleans. The season 7 cast members of The Bad Girls Club will no doubt try to one-up the chicas from previous seasons with their crazy and raunchy anticts.

Meet (from left to right) Tasha, Nastasia, Angelic, Priscilla, Tiara, Judi and Shelly

"The Bad Girls Club" premieres tonight and airs every Monday at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Q&A: Nick Cannon Chats About Hosting ‘America’s Got Talent’ & More

6/20/2011 3:00pm EDT
Nick Cannon
The sixth season of NBC’s "America’s Got Talent" is back and better than ever and Nick Cannon, the show’s charming and handsome host, took some time out of his busy schedule for a conference Q&A session.

Cannon discussed the talented acts this season, being an energetic host and his keen sense of fashion.

Below are a few of the questions he answered.

Question: Talk a little bit about the level of talent this season versus past seasons.

Nick Cannon: I think every year we say, you know, ‘The show’s getting better and better,’ but I really believe that this is the best year because I th...