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Q&A: Sharon Osbourne Talks Changing Her Judging Style For 'America's Got Talent' & More

Diana Walker
6/14/2011 2:00pm EDT

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America’s Got Talent sixth season just premiered a couple of weeks ago, and recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Sharon Osbourne in a conference Q&A session.

In the session, Sharon spoke on the change in her judging style, the most difficult part about being a judge, balancing the show with everything else in her life, and more.

Here are a few questions and answers from the session.

Question: Piers Morgan in an interview recently, said that he felt that you were a much harder judge this season than in some of the past years. Do you agree with that? Also, do you think that might be because of the fact that you’ve seen so many different styles of acts before in the past?

Sharon Osbourne: Yes. I think I am definitely harder than I’ve been in previous years. And I’m actually comfortable in the position of being a little more judgmental and not so tolerant and really making it about the talent and not about somebody’s life story.

Q: When it comes to a music act, are you stricter with your criticism and what your expectations are based on your musical background? Also, who would you say is the most talented of all the bands that your husband’s toured with?

Sharon: Yes. When it comes to music, I guess I am a lot more stricter. I do require that they have to be at a certain level to be taken seriously. And of all the bands that have opened for my husband, my favorite and the one I’m most proud of is Metallica.

Q: Well, given so much attention the last year surrounding Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho, what type of impact do you think they had on this season?

Sharon: A lot because, you strive to get better and better. And their level of professionalism was very, very high. So you don’t want to go down from that level. You want to go above that level. So, yes, it sets the bar very high.

Q: What is the hardest part about being a judge? I know judging the contestants is hard. But what goes along with that?

Sharon: Well there is more that goes along with being a judge because everybody’s got a dream and you don’t want to destroy somebody’s dream. You don’t want to humiliate them publicly. But  then, at the same time too, you don’t want to give somebody false hope.   

Q: I’m curious to know, between your work with America’s Got Talent, The Talk, the music industry and writing, how do you keep everything so balanced?

Sharon: Well, I don’t. I mess up on a lot of things. You know, you think that you can handle it all. And you can’t. Certain things fall through. And I’m going to have to review my next year because I definitely packed it too tight this year. You can’t do it all at the same level. Something has to suffer.

Q: After being one of the first to venture into the world of reality television, do you plan on starring in anymore?

Sharon: No. It was great to be the first one. And you could never go back. You know, I was there at the beginning of it all and made a mark. And that’s enough for me.

Be sure to watch Sharon on America’s Got Talent on Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) & Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC!


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