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'House': The Slightly Suggestive Friendship Between House & Wilson Is Explored

Dee Doyle Dee Doyle
2/8/2008 1:27pm EST
HouseAfter the excellent episode of "House" on Super Bowl Sunday, it was very important for the show to continue its forward momentum since this season has been criticized as slow and too convoluted. This week's episode, the last before the writers' strike cut off production, is titled "Don't Ever Change," and it succeeded beautifully. It brought the viewers back to the things we loved about "House": strange medical cases, insight into new cultures or humanity in general, and the relationships of the title character.

A Hasidic Jewish woman falls over at her wedding and becomes our Patient of the Week. She was once in the fast lane of the music industry, addicted to heroin, and made a sudden turn around only six months ago to become a convert. Her marriage was arranged. Naturally, House (Hugh Laurie) suspects that this extreme change is a symptom, since he believes that people do not change. Taub (Peter Jacobson) dislikes Hasidic Jews and considers them extremists, although his opinion slowly alters as the episode continues. Foreman (Omar Epps) discovers something new about Thirteen (Olivia Wilde), and House is struggling with Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) new relationship. Cutthroat Bitch is back and strangely charming this time around, as House tries to repeatedly prove she is dating Wilson only to bother him.

This episode delved rather closely into the important and long lasting relationship between Wilson and House, and it comically commented on the slightly suggestive nature of their friendship. Wilson is apparently a female version of House, and when that sets in, he argues that he and House are, in fact, a couple of sorts. I can hear the Wilson/House shippers squeal with delight and start typing away at their new fanfiction. Joking aside, the friendship between these two doctors has been a center point of the show and usually reveals House at his most vulnerable and sincere. This episode is no exception; he can either ruin his friend's happiness as he always does or accept that Wilson dating does not mean he loses his best friend.

The extremist culture of Hasidic Judaism was treated with respect, and the two characters were very easy to sympathize with. Seeing Taub come out of his shell of dry apathy was great, and it feels like the Numbers are really developing into three-dimensional, relatable characters. A new piece of the "mysterious" 13 is revealed, and while personally she bores me, it added to her overall arc. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) sits out this week, and Chase (Jesse Spencer) steps back in, delivering a few of the best lines of the episode with ease. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) also showed up for short but succinct scenes to remind us why we love her so much.

"Don't Ever Change" was a brilliant, heartfelt episode, and House may have even learned a lesson. Just when it feels that the Numbers are coming into their own and the show is settling into a strong pace, we have no more new episodes! The writers' strike may be ending soon, so it is still a possibility for us to get further episodes. If so, I might offer a few small personal suggestions to the writers of "House":

1. Nine main characters on the show does not work. No one believes it works. If you intended to have the Numbers eventually quit and bring back the original three, just do it. If not, say goodbye to the characters that are no longer necessary. There is a saying in writer's workshops called "Kill your babies." Sometimes you have to kill or cut what you love in order to make the story stronger. This is one of those cases.

2. Start digging up more strange and irregular medical cases. If we want to see measles, a broken toe, and Lyme disease as major cases, we'd watch a less cutting-edge show.

3. If you're going to keep Thirteen, please make her less of a Cameron Clone or less cliché. Whatever you think you're accomplishing with her, it's really not working. She's as stiff as driftwood and half as interesting. The actress seems lovely and capable, so give her a little more than just 'mysterious, pretty, and apparently bisexual,' please.

4. Wilson/House. What? It would be interesting! Oh fine, House/Cuddy. Just never, ever House/Cameron. Thank you, amen.

Until "House" returns, hold on to the reruns and the memories, people. Let's hope a miracle happens, and we get our fix earlier rather than later!

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer
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