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Danielle Shields has been a writer for Starpulse since August 2011. Her passion thrives in every measure of entertainment and that is why she hopes to succeed in the exhilarating media and film industries. She has wrote for various websites including: Superstar Magazine, ThroneBuzz, Whoops, it is what it is!and Flickering Myth. Starpulse is filled with the latest entertainment news and Danielle hopes that she can bring interesting and unique cont

‘The Secret Circle' Recap: Prom

5/8/2012 7:38am EDT
Nick is determined to find the last crystal!
It's prom night in Chance Harbor, but instead of taking a night off from Circle duties, Cassie and the gang are on the hunt for the last remaining crystal. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: zombie Nick, hallucinating Charles and deceiving daddies!

Nick Rises From The Dead:

Who would have thought that Nick would end up being the witch traitor? We all thought that the Circle member had died, but Blackwell threats that even though Nick drowned, the demon possessing him could have survived and taken over Nick’s body! Melissa, who was cru...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Crystal

4/23/2012 10:12am EDT
Faye is sure she is Blackwell's daughter, but is she really?
Cassie and the gang split up in search of crystals in this week’s episode, but their hunt is put in jeopardy when Callum decides to tag along. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: Jane and Charles’ attempt to kill Blackwell, crystal missions and the unveiling of Blackwell’s lovechild!

The Crystal Maze:

During the past 18 episodes Dawn has been on the rampage to find crystals, and here we have the Circle tracking down two in only a day’s work! While Faye is searching for her family’s crystal she stumbles upon her mum’s diary, which is fi...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Sacrifice

4/3/2012 11:33am EDT
The Circle pull together to stop Eben from resurrecting demons!
Last week Blackwell evilly meddled in Cassie and Adam’s romance, but in this week’s episode he becomes the hero when Eben plans to resurrect demons. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: flirting mania, lurking demons and a new plan of action!

Master Witch-hunter Turned Demon Resurrector:

Jake and one of his old witch-hunter pals, Samuel, are locked in a fist fight and Cassie, being the dark blooded witch that she is, breaks the two up. It turns out that Eben is going to be resurrecting demons, a la the ones that caused Nick’s death a fe...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Lucky

3/17/2012 8:13pm EDT
Blackwell wants Cassie to give up her dark magic, but is that ea
Cassie is warming to having her father around, that is until she spies him searching for something in the abandoned house. Meanwhile, Lee is in a spot of bother when his ex-girlfriend, Eva, wakes up from her coma. Will he choose Eva over Faye? Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: Diana’s new Aussie lover, cursed stars and murder!

Father knows Best:

John Blackwell doesn’t seem to be the evil genius that everyone expected him to be. In fact, he is just like any other overprotective dad who enjoys a heart to heart with his daughter whilst...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Valentine

2/10/2012 10:28am EST
'The Secret Circle' Recap: Valentine
Faye hosts an anti-Valentine’s no-boys-allowed slumber party to celebrate the season of crushed love. Once again there is an alpha fight between Adam and Jake to win the heart of Cassie, who is being haunted by dead witches. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: ghost witches, sleepover cliques and love fests.

Love is in the air (for some):

The episode begins with Faye waking up in Jake’s bed. She tells Jake that this is the last time they will ever be together, until they sprawl back onto the bed again. At school Cassie confesses to ...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Medallion

2/3/2012 10:26am EST
The Secret Circle
Cassie is determined to activate her father’s medallion so she can protect the Circle from the witch hunters. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: deceiving psychics, crystal stealers and Devil’s Spirit!

Cassie Receives a Warning:

The person that saw Cassie when she travelled through Jake’s memories is coincidently in Chance Harbor! The fragile woman, called Lucy Gibbons, arrives on Cassie’s doorstep. She explains that for the past sixteen years she has been reliving the events of the boat incident. Lucy is a psychic and she tells Cassi...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Witness

1/21/2012 9:11am EST
The witches delved back in time to discover what really happened on the boat sixteen years ago. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: magic drugs, alive dead people and no Melissa!

Jake Has Returned For A Reason!

The deceiving Jake has returned to Chance Harbor to discover the truth. He admits that the council of witch hunters murdered John Blackwell to destroy his dark power and now they are planning to kill Cassie. Jake explains that when he was a child he witnessed the events of the boat incident, but he has blocked out the memories f...

'The Huger Games' Sequel Secures Director And Writer

1/17/2012 11:49am EST
Catching Fire Secures Director And Writer
The rumours are now official: Simon Beaufoy will write Catching Fire, the second instalment in the much anticipated Hunger Games franchise. Lionsgate successfully hired the Oscar winning English scriptwriter, who has wrote for an impressive number of bestselling films, including 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire.

Gary Ross, the director and co-writer of The Hunger Games, will return to adapt the second novel in Susan Collins’ popular trilogy and supervise the script. A release date for the sequel has already been scheduled for the 22nd of November, 2013, even though the first film does not...

Quentin Tarantino Reveals His Best And Worst Of 2011

1/16/2012 3:29pm EST
Quentin Tarantino
The highly acclaimed Reservoir Dogs director, Quentin Tarantino, recently released a list of his Top 11 favorite movies of 2011, via The Quentin Tarantino Archives. The list is extremely varied, including a bunch of both mainstream and indie films. Although, some entries are quite unexpected, for example, The Three Musketeers was Tarantino’s 11th favorite movie. The number 1 spot was awarded to Woody Allen’s charming, Midnight in Paris, a complete opposite film compared to that of his favorite in 2010, a la, Toy Story 3.

Alas, with the good, always comes the bad and so Tarantino has also i...

'The Secret Circle' Recap: Fire/Ice

1/16/2012 8:15am EST
Faye plots to steal Cassie's magic!
A normal High School dance transforms into a not-so-average High School disaster when Faye’s devious plan backfires. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s episode, including: guys in mysterious black boots, teenage kisses and something we never thought to expect: a happy Melissa….until she almost died, of course.

The Abandoned House Had a Famous Inhabitant!

After causing Diana’s dress to catch on fire, Cassie is determined to find out more about the mysterious John Blackwell and his dark magic. She teams up with Adam to hunt through the City Records where they sea...