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Parks and Recreation: Second Chunce (6x10)

Dani Langlie
1/12/2014 2:44pm EST

Parks and Recreation

For the record, I watched the producer's cut of this episode and I didn't watch the normal one, so I have no idea what wasn't in the shorter version. Here we go!

It's Leslie's last day in the Parks department and she (predictably) is having a hard time letting go. When a councilperson gets into another sex scandal, Leslie makes the rash decision to run against him in the next election. Everyone around her thinks it's a crazy idea, even Ben, but Ben eventually decides to support her. Leslie, after getting advice from a campaign manager, decides not to go through with her plans, but instead to take a step back, and come back later to shoot for higher positions in government.

Meanwhile, Ann and Chris struggle to find out the sex of their baby when the doctor's handwriting on the note he writes them proves to be illegible. Eventually, they find out it's a boy. Although both insisted that they had no preference, they are both happy that it's a boy, having secretly wanted that outcome. Andy is home from London, but he is having a hard time adjusting to the time zone. Eventually, April forces him awake and tells him to get back on track. The two of them then have a water fight indoors. Tom, having sold Rent-a-Swag, looks to his next business venture. When he can't come up with any good ideas, he decides to create a new position for himself in government as a business liason.

What's the verdict? It was great! I'm sort of surprised that this was the 100th episode, because it wasn't a big epic one by any means. However, this episode had a lot of laughs and a lot of heart, which is exactly what I look for in my Parks and Recreation.

My least favorite part was probably Ann and Chris, mostly because it wasn't all that funny. I'm really going to miss these characters when they're gone, but to be honest their plot doesn't do much for me anymore. The only good parts of it were the stuff with the doctor, who is a legitimately funny presence on the show. Jean Ralphio's comment about being "open minded as hellll" was really great as well.

Andy and April's plot was pure fluff, but in the best way. I love their marriage so much. They are an inspiration. The thing with the hose was so fantastic!

My favorite of the subplots was Tom's. I'm glad to see that although Rent-a-Swag is no more, they aren't dropping Tom's great character development. He is still moving forward and doing what's best for him. In particular, I always love it when Ron takes on something of a fatherly role with Tom.

And then there's the main plot - too cute. I love how much Ben is willing to support his wife, but that he also won't hesitate to speak his mind. They are such a good couple. Leslie's last day was sad yet somehow appropriate. It's interesting, now that our show's protagonist is out of government, because it will hopefully force the show to try something new and creative. I'm really excited to see what they come up with!

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