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'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: The Mirror Has Three Faces

8/14/2013 9:32am EDT
As if Emily’s life wasn’t complicated and kind of depressing already, she moves into the DiLaurentis house after an offer from Ali’s mom. After what we saw last week (red coat sneaking into the house), there are bound to be some answers that Emily now has the chance to find.  This come quicker than expected as they find what seems to be a squatter pad in the basement of the DiLaurentis house.  Emily notices that the squatter poked holes in the kitchen floor for someone to hear and see what’s going on above.

Wren is back, the one person who always seemed normal and not caught up in A’s web...

'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Into the Deep'

8/7/2013 7:10pm EDT
Pretty Little Liars
It’s Emily’s birthday and nothing says a Rosewood party like someone floating face down in the creek.  There’s something Jenna didn’t see coming, but really, she didn’t see it coming, she’s losing her sight again.  After Emily saved her, she realized that she had been hit on the back of the head and pushed in because of the blood on her shirt.

Jake comes to the party with another girl, which has Aria jealous. Their night ends in a little lip locking and the talk about starting a relationship. Meanwhile, Ezria is about to start the fight of his life as he tries to get custody of Malcolm.