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Recap: ‘America's Next Top Model: College Edition’- Season 19, Episode 10, ‘The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra'

Claudine Paul Claudine Paul
11/14/2012 8:39pm EST

The episode 10 begins with the remaining models ranting over various issues:  Kiara on being in the the previous week's bottom two, Kristin annoyance at being stuck in the house with the remaining contestants, and Laura over Leila's comeback.  


ANTM + High Tide - Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra

Photo Shoot Creative Consultant Johnny Wujek introduces the models to singer Cedella Marley, for the "new challenge of the week," to model Marley's new High Tide swim wear collection.  Up for grabs is a House Of Marley prize package worth over $3,000, plus a friend spa day, and $10,000 for individual scholarship bank.  Leila puts her best game on to win the "challenge of the week," and chooses Kiara to share her spa day.  The models betray their envy, of Leila's prize back at the "ANTM Sorority House," especially Kristin who more than happily and unflinchingly airs continued contempt for competitor Leila.


ANTM - Tyra Banks

P'trique, the Fashion "It" Girl,  delivers "Tyra Mail" hinting the models for the Ocho Rios "warrior waterfalls theme-d photo shoot challenge of the week."  Wujek suprises the models with the guest photographer of the week:  Tyra Banks.  The shoot, both challenging and dangerous, finds Laura most uncomfortable.




Panel critiques leave models Kiara and Leila in high spirits and bottom two Laura and Kristin down in the dumps.  Kiara and Kristin have it out verbally, while waiting for final panel discussions, over Kristin's personally taken offense over Kiara's and Leila's show of competitive pride.  The challenge winner of the week is Leila, with Kiara standing second, leaving Laura and Kristin the last two models left standing.  Kristin's social media score sends her packing.  Kiara's portrait becomes the art selected to grace the wall of Banks' new home salon.


Kristin's strong dislike of the other models in the competition works against her and only secures social media's dislike of her overall performance. 


So, still want to make in the modeling world?  Antagonism towards your peers will only put down fast even before you can strike a pose!

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