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Recap: ‘America's Next Top Model: College Edition ’- Season 19, Episode 9, ‘The Girls Go To Jamaica’

Claudine Paul Claudine Paul
11/14/2012 6:23pm EST

Episode 9, of America's Next Top Model:  College Edition, begins with Banks revealing to the remaining seven contestants this season's selected international and final destination of Jamaica.  Last week's cliffhanger is also answered with the relevation,  out of eliminated models Allyssa, Destiny, Leila, Jessie, Darian, Yvonne, and Brittany, that Leila is the "come back" model to rejoin the five remaining models.  


ANTM -  Girls Go To Jamaica

Now, back at the "ANTM Sorority House," the models express collective ire at model Victoria's accusations of bullying while packing.  Upon arrival in Jamaica the models are greeted and escorted, to meet Tyra Banks at their new home Half Moon Resort, by famed Jamaican male models.  Banks then shares smizing, tooching, and other modeling tips with the models while having lunch.   A meeting is set afterwards, with choreographer and movement mentor Jonte and Dancehall musician Konshens, for the "challenge of the week" where the models are to create a  Dancehall modeling routine.  The models are split into the following teams of Victoria and Leila, Laura and Kristin, and Nastasia and Kiara.   The winning  team stands to win a collection Pieces Of Bianca jewelry worth over $3,000 from and $10, 000 towards their "scholarship bank."  Nastasia and Kiara win the challenge.


ANTM - Nastasia - Kiara

Photo Shoot Creative Consultant Johnny Wujek and supermodel Rob Evans meet the models, for the "torrid love affair theme-d photo challenge of the week," where the models are set up to "tell a story in a single image."  William Richard is the guest photographer on hand for the week.  Victoria, who is first up, of course does not fail to hilariously to over embellish her getting "into character" for her photo shoot.  Model Nastasia wins the "photo challenge of the week"  with the best tooch.  Kiara and Victoria are the last two models left standing.  Victoria is sent home.

ANTM - Victoria

Though model Victoria expresses frustration and disappointment, that she could not move any further in the competition, the public voters may have just wanted to take her out of her misery and finally send her home to her mother.

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