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Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter To Continue BET Rant – Iggy Azalea Responds

July 2nd, 2014 5:33pm EDT
Nicki Minaj Takes To Twitter To Continue BET Rant – Iggy Azalea
Nicki Minaj continued to talk about female writers and their impact on Hip-Hop after her statements during the BET awards were considered a slight against Iggy Azalea.

On Sunday night while accepting the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Minaj went on a tear and talked about everything from a near-death experience to other musicians in her field. She said in part, “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it... No, no, no shade.” It was assumed Minaj was referring to rumors Iggy doesn't write many of her songs and instead uses...

Robin Thicke Reveals How Long Its Been Since He's Seen Paula Patton

July 2nd, 2014 1:00pm EDT
Robin Thicke
By now you should know if Robin Thicke is saying something, there's a 99% chance it's about Paula Patton. The singer recently sat down with Hot 97 and revealed some astonishing things about his breakup with Paula, after whom he named his recent album.

One of the interviewers admitted he thought their breakup was a PR stunt for the upcoming album, which centers around Thicke and Patton's split and included dozens of pleas for her to take him back. Thick said, “I try to keep most of that private, but I haven't seen her for four months... She's the best girl in the world, a great mother and s...

The Best Tweets From Celebrities Supporting The US Men's National Team

July 2nd, 2014 12:01pm EDT
The Best Tweets From Celebrities Supporting The US Men's Nationa
The United States may have been eliminated from the World Cup after losing to Belgium, but that isn't stopping our favorite celebrities from sharing their support of the brilliant effort given by the athletes on the team.

We'll start with Tom Hanks, who posted a photo on WhoSay of his family getting anxious for the game. "Oh yes. We are watching! US of A! Go! Hanx's," he captioned the shot, which includes sons Colin and Chet and wife Rita Wilson. Hanks also wrote, "Tim Howard remains a god."

After the team lost 2-1 in extra time, tons of celebrities congratulated them for their run in t...

Robin Thicke's '#AskThicke' Completely Backfires On Twitter

July 1st, 2014 7:00pm EDT
Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke and VH1 had the brilliant idea of holding an interview with all of the users on Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?

Within moments of VH1 promoting their tweet, users pounced to ask Thicke about the perceived misogynistic themes of his song Blurred Lines and the music video attached to it featuring nude women. One of the first responses was "Why are you a f--king creeper? Why are you stalking your ex through media? Why do you promote rape culture?"

It just got worse from there.

On a scale of R. Kelly to Phil Spector, how do you intend to "Get Her Back?" #AskThicke

— Ra...

Tilda Swinton Reveals Easter Egg She And Brad Pitt Left In 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'

July 1st, 2014 4:01pm EDT
Tilda Swinton
That sound you hear is a bunch of fans re-watching The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button after Tilda Swinton teased a possible Easter Egg.

During her Reddit AMA (Ask me Anything) to promote her film Snowpiercer's American release, she was asked about any interesting experiences she had while working on Benjamin Button. She replied, "The time when Fincher failed to notice that BP [Brad Pitt] and I had arranged two potatoes and a carrot in a specific configuration on the kitchen table we were sitting at.. and had to have it pointed out to him at the END of a take.." Swinton didn't reveal wheth...

Why Bruno Mars Serenaded This Young Girl

July 1st, 2014 1:01pm EDT
Bruno Mars
A video of Bruno Mars serenading a young girl during his concert last Saturday has become an Internet hit, and now we know why the entertainer took the time to sing just for her.

Zumyah Thorpe was involved in a serious car accident in March of 2013. According to WKYC, a drunk driver smashed into a car carrying the 11-year-old Zumyah, killing her pregnant mother and her two younger sisters. Zumyah and an older sister suvived, but Zumyah suffered injuries that robbed her of sight and forced doctors to remove part of her skull.

While recovering at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in O...

FOX Cancels Ambitious Series Before Its First Episode

July 1st, 2014 10:57am EDT
FOX Cancels Ambitious Series Before Its First Episode
It's became a running joke that FOX doesn't give TV shows a chance to prove their worth (Tru Calling, Family Guy, The Tick, Futurama, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Arrested Development, Firefly), but the network may have topped itself when it canceled an expensive series before airing even one episode.

Hieroglyph was going to be FOX's attempt into the serial drama scene dominated by HBO's Game of Thrones. It was a gamble to be sure; FOX can't exactly show the same content as HBO can thanks to censors. Still, it had a young and talented team behind it with Pacific Rim screenwrite...

Why Is Michelle Rodriguez Doing A Headstand In A Bikini And Why Is Zac Efron Doing A Sexy Dance?

June 30th, 2014 7:20pm EDT
Why Is Michelle Rodriguez Doing A Headstand In A Bikini And Why
Why is Michelle Rodriguez standing on her head in a bikini? Why is Zac Efron dancing to Jason Derulo's Wiggle? It's all for Gianluca Vacchi!

Italian entrepreneur Vacchi's Instagram has become a popular destination for social media fans, as the rich businessman happily shares his expensive lifestyle and interactions with the rich and famous – some refer to him as the real version of Dos Equis beer's Most Interesting Man in the World. This weekend was no different.

Vacchi recently shared two videos on his profile featuring Zac Efron. In one, Vachi, Efron, Rodriguez, and another woman are ...

Justin Bieber Rushes To The Aid Of Floyd Mayweather's Children After Car Accident

June 30th, 2014 3:51pm EDT
Justin Bieber
Say what you will about Justin Bieber, but it sounds like he's always there for his friends.

According to TMZ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was on the red carpet at the BET awards when three of his kids were in a nasty car accident involving multiple cars and a motorcycle. His kids weren't hurt, but they were stranded on the scene without their dad.

That's where Floyd's good friend Justin comes in. The singer was on the phone with the boxer when he learned his kids were in the car accident, and he was understandably upset he wasn't able to be there to comfort his kids. Justin, who was in his SU...

Fashion Fails: Rita Ora's Under Armour Genie Look, Perez Hilton's Disco Ball Suit, More

June 29th, 2014 1:01pm EDT
Fashion Fails: Rita Ora's Under Armour Genie Look, Perez Hilton'
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

We're used to fashion fails from Rita Ora, but she's taking it to a new level this week. She's dressed up like an Under Armour genie and has something written in gold letters as a necklace. Bitch? Itch? Does it really matter? Check out another look at Rita's fail and the rest of this week's poor fashion decisions below: