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The Best And Worst Resurrections Of TV Characters

Casey Johnson Casey Johnson
12/18/2013 11:07am EST

Family Guy

Brian from Family Guy was resurrected via some time-traveling tomfoolery Sunday night, making him the latest TV character to be brought back from the dead. We can't say we were surprised by his return, considering Family Guy might as well be called "The Stewie and Brian Show" these days. However, it did get us thinking about some of the best and worst resurrections of TV characters…

Worst: Stewie, Family Guy. Let's stick with Family Guy for our first choice. Yes, it was necessary for Stewie to come back to life due to his popularity on the show. However, when Stewie "died" in a computer program that calculated what would happen should he manage to actually kill Lois, even Brian made fun of his resurrection when it was revealed to be a farce.

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