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Looking ahead: This Fall's Hottest Album Releases

Brynn Alexander
8/3/2012 11:02am EDT

 Summer album releases are always a big deal, but this year there's a huge crop of big-name artists coming through with new music in the fall.  Here are the ones to keep an eye out for.


Alanis Morissette: Havoc and Bright Lights - The one-time mega-selling Canadian songstress is at it again with her eight studio album, but this time it's on a new label, so it might actually be better than her last few efforts. It's coming out on August 28, so not technically in the fall - hopefully it'll be good enough that we'll still be listening to it when the leaves turn.


Bob Dylan: Tempest - This album is important if for no other reason than it's being released on the 50th anniversary of Dylan's first album, and it's his 35th studio effort. Apparently there's going to be a song about John Lennon, and another about the sinking of the Titanic.


Muse: The 2nd Law - English rockers Muse are back again, but apparently their new album is going to be nothing like their previous releases.  It comes out on September 18, so Muse fans will have to wait until then to decide whether or not they like the new sound.


No Doubt: Push and Shove - It has been more than a decade since Gwen Stefani and her crew have put out a studio release, but it's shocking how well she has managed to remain in the public eye anyway.  On September 25 we'll get to see if No Doubt have still got it in the music department as well as the celebrity exposure department.


The Mountain Goats: Transcendental Youth - John Darnielle puts out an album about every five minutes, so it's no surprise he's got one coming out in early October.  It's almost magical how he keeps the songwriting quality consistently high, and soon we'll find out if he can do it for the fourteenth time in a row.


50 Cent: Street King Immortal - The multi-platinum-selling rapper has been promising his fifth album for a long time, and apparently it's finally going to drop in mid-November.  After some bizarre forays into the world of European dance music, Fitty now says that his new album is going to be more like his first one, so if you liked his early work, you should be in luck.

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