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DVD Review: Pink Floyd - "Pink Floyd: the Story of Wish You Were Here"

October 19th, 2012 3:31pm EDT | Brian Campbell By: Brian Campbell favorite Add to My News

Pink FloydIn Pink Floyd: the Story of Wish You Were Here, the bands classic 1975 album gets the Classic Albums DVD treatment, complete with about what you’d expect – interviews with surviving band members mixed in with archival footage and interviews and the like. The making of story of Wish You Were Here shouldn’t be anything new to hardcores, but still its presented in well-documented fashion here. Former member, recluse guitarist Syd Barrett, dominates a large portion of time during these discussions, and many might be surprised to learn that members of Floyd never saw him again aside from a brief encounter during the final stages of the Wish You Were Here recording sessions before he passed away in 2006. The story behind the iconic album cover art is also discussed, and if you don’t know the origin story – no spoilers here, you should see and hear this. And as if the 85 minute run time of the main documentary portion isn’t enough, an additional 25 minutes of previously unseen footage is included as bonus material. With Pink Floyd: the Story of Wish You Were Here, while the story really isn’t all that new, the way this new DVD offering presents it makes it feel new and fresh. Fans will want to own this DVD, that’s for sure.

Grade: B+

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