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12 Best Maroon 5 Songs

Brent M Faulkner Brent M Faulkner
August 31st, 2014 4:31pm EDT
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 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals The Forum Inglewood, CA, USA 08/24/2014 © David Gabber /

As pop/rock band Maroon 5 drops their fifth studio album V (available September 2), what better way to get in the Maroon 5 mindset than examine the best, most memorable songs that the band has delivered since 2002?  Over the course of four albums (Songs About Jane, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, Hands All Over, and Overexposed), Maroon 5 have delivered some of the most alluring songs – records – of modern times.  Here are 12 of the best – the crème de la crème.  

1) “This Love” (Songs About Jane)

Maroon 5, Songs About Jane © J Records / Octone 

“This Love” will always remain a, if not ‘the’ crowning achievement of Maroon 5’s catalogue.  Maybe it’s just the sound and catchiness of the song itself, or maybe it’s the suggestive, sexy nature of the music video.  The most sexed-up line: “I tried my best to keep her satisfied / keep her coming every night...” Ooh la la!


2)  “She Will Be Loved” (Songs About Jane)

Some might argue in favor of “She Will Be Loved” as the band’s best song over the pivotal “This Love.” Regardless, “She Will Be Loved” was another seminal part to the band establishing themselves as one of the elite pop/rock outfits.  Adam Levine’s tenor – intact with falsetto – shines on this well written, timeless pop ballad. 


3)  “Makes Me Wonder” (It Won’t Be Soon Before Long)

Maroon 5, It Won't Be Soon Before Long © A&M / Octone Records

“And it really makes me wonder / if I ever gave a f**k about you,” Levine sings in aggressive falsetto on the chorus of “Makes Me Wonder.”  He finishes off the thought by saying, “Give me something to believe in / cause I don’t believe in you anymore.”

“Makes Me Wonder” gave Maroon 5 their first number one hit, rightfully so.  Has irresponsible, empty sex ever sounded better on the track? “I wake up with blood-shot eyes / struggled to memorize / the way it felt between your thighs?” or “…Decisions that made my bed / now I must lay in it...” brilliantly sum up this modern classic.  

4)  “Misery” (Hands All Over)

Maroon 5, Hands All Over © A&M / Octone Records

“Misery” was definitely an underrated Maroon 5 song from arguably the band’s most underrated album.  “Misery” ranks in the top echelon of Maroon 5 classics, finding Levine and company flexing their soulful-pop muscles.  Who else pulls off relationship mishaps from the male perspective than Levine? “I am in misery…girl you really got me bad / you really got me bad / now I’m gonna get you back…”

5) “One More Night” (Overexposed)

Maroon 5, Overexposed © A&M/Octone

The more trendy, contemporary pop direction of Overexposed was definitely somewhat off-putting by Maroon 5.  Blame Responsibility can be laid at the charge of another #1 hit, “Moves Like Jagger” which marked something of a departure for the band.  The pop hit definitely is dramatically different from earlier Maroon 5 hits, but it’s also irresistibly delicious. 

6) “Wake Up Call” (It Won’t Be Soon Before Long)

“Wake Up Call” is just that – well for the guy who Adam Levine shoots and kills. “Six foot tall / came here without a warning so I had to shoot him dead,” Levine sings with vengeance, “He won’t come around here anymore.”  As a song, it’s another one of the brilliant pieces that makes 2007 album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long one of Maroon 5’s best and most consistent.

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