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Justin Bieber Looks For A Fix On 'Change Me'

Brent Faulkner Brent Faulkner
December 3rd, 2013 7:16am EST
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“Girl I’m ready if you’re ready now / oh, as I’m ever gonna be / if you’re with it then I’m with it now / to accept all responsibility…I don’t wanna be the same…” Whoa!  For his most recent installment of Music Mondays, Justin Bieber delivers a thoughtful, mostly piano-accompanied ballad entitled “Change Me”.   Lacking the sensuality of his pivotal “PYD” featuring R. Kelly and the funkiness of last week’s “Rollercoaster”, Bieber is definitely more moody here and heartbroken for sure.  The tempo is slow, matching the drag of Bieber’s own emotions.

A definite pro about “Change Me” is that Bieber shows, perhaps for the first time, his willingness to ‘bend’ within the relationship.  It appears to be overdue mind you, but at least it seems Bieber has soul-searched and arrived at that point.  This is evidenced by the chorus: “Maybe you could change me / maybe you could change me / maybe you could be the light that opens up my eyes / make all my wrongs right / change me, change me.”  That newfound ability to listen and grow is further shown on the second verse, with lyrics like “If I’m screaming, talk quieter / understanding and patient…” or “Be like serenity / help reposition my mind / take a chance, make a difference, in my life.”  Say what you will about Bieber, but he’s definitely thinking and aiming deeper than before.

“Change Me” may not possess the same swagger of his two previous offerings, but still Bieber sounds mature and much more ‘grown’ than anything he offered on 2012 studio effort Believe.  For once, you feel that at least the ‘bad boy’ is backing up his desire to be a man with more masculine, grown music to match.  Another possible takeaway is that Bieber is actually trying to get his act and life sorted out.  Maybe that’s reading to much, but the Music Mondays lyrics are his journals correct? Overall, I’m on board.

Verdict: ★★★½

Justin Bieber – “Change Me” – Single – Label: Island – US Release Date: December 2, 2013 

Photo Credits: Universal Music Group

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