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Justin Bieber’s Music Monday Take 2: “All That Matters”

Brent Faulkner Brent Faulkner
10/18/2013 3:50pm EDT


Justin Bieber⎪ “All That Matters” ⎪Island⎪⎪ Single Release Date: October 14, 2013

I know that girls swoon every Monday when Justin Bieber drops a new joint, but so do us music journalists, bloggers, and pop cultural buffs.  Yep! Sure, maybe we don’t ‘swoon’ because of Bieber’s voice or constant shirtlessness, but we do swoon because we get the opportunity to once again publicize the teen star who himself seems to love the press, positive or negative.  Yes, we’re most excited when we can scrutinize and gnaw apart the teen pop star who has certainly had his fair share of growing pains (Miley Cyrus helped a brotha out), but we’ll take accomplishments too. LOL.

Justin Bieber2-20130716-50If “Heartbreaker” wasn’t evidence enough, it’s clear that Justin Bieber wants to be a contemporary R&B artist, or at least he has went into that direction for his Music Mondays as of yet.  Sure, the lines of pop and R&B these days are quite ‘blurred’ (seemed appropriate), but this slick little cut “All That Matters” is again more urban-leaning than much of  JB’s previous work. Is there anything wrong with that? Nope! But then again, you think back to My World (all the way back in 2009 if you can believe it) and didn’t “One Time” lean sorta R&B?  Yeah, sorta, but of course JB hadn’t developed his deeper voice back then… or his ‘swaggy’ supposedly.

Here’s my quick thoughts.  Positively, I like the sound and vibe of this cut, perhaps even more than “Heartbreaker”.  Sure, I’m a sucker for contemporary R&B, but I’m onboard with the ‘concept’ if nothing more.  That said, I think that this cut could use some a bit more variation to keep it interesting; it feels a bit too comfortable.  Sure, the hip-hop cues are there vocally for the Biebz with the rhythmic vocals, but in some ways, perhaps it also trends too similarly to “Heartbreaker” – yet another slow jam, etc.  Vocally, I think Bieber sounds better here than he did on “Heartbreaker” and certainly more optimistic given the chivalrousness.  “Heartbreaker” had a  few vocal issues from my perspective (yes I’m a nitpicker, not a hater – don’t stone me).  That said, I still ‘belieb’ that Bieber has room for more vocal development and improvement overall.  But don’t a lot of artists have a higher ceiling or plane that they can reach or hope to?

Ultimately, “All That Matters” is pleasant enough, though I wouldn’t say it’s a home run.  Plus, we the media don’t want to give JB too big of a head; wouldn’t want it to explode.  :-)   I would like to see the next music Monday offer something with more tempo perhaps and ‘swaggy’.  Yep, I said it for a second time.  Beliebers should keep on beliebing though… I guess.

Verdict: ✰✰✰½

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