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Hey all! My name is Amanda Hamilton, and I'm an editor and a freelance entertainment writer. Each week, I'll fill you in on the best highlights from that week in reality TV. Plus, every once in a while I'll throw in a great news piece or an interview with your favorite reality TV star. Make sure you follow me on Twitter (@AmandaAnn86) to get updates when I post highlights on Starpulse and recaps, news and interviews with top TV stars on Examiner.

Top TV picks, April 10-16, ’11: Maternity Concierge Rosie Pope Gives New Moms A Little help, On 'Pregnant in Heels'

4/10/2011 9:17am EDT
Rosie Pope,
“Pregnant in Heels” is the show you should be watching this week. The show premiered on on Tuesdays.

Not only is Rosie Pope adorable, but her clients are hilarious. Rosie must be known for the woman who can make anything baby-related happen because on the premiere she had a couple coming to her for help choosing a name, which for Rosie including creating a focus group.

What did I miss last week? ‘Biggest Loser’ automatic elimination, America’s decision shocks ‘American Idol’ judges, ‘Jersey Shore’ spin-offs and more …

Top 5 TV picks, April 3-9, 2011

First, viewers got a look inside th...

‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack makes his choice; plus, his rejected bachelorette speaks out – March 13-19, 2011 Reality TV highlights

3/18/2011 11:26pm EDT
Bachelor 15 proposal
“Bachelor” Brad Womack made his final choice on Monday, giving his final rose to Emily Maynard on the show’s season finale. Brad and Emily spoke out for the first time since Brad proposed on the After the Final Rose special, although viewers were probably shocked to hear about the rollercoaster the couple had been on since that day. Not only had the couple almost wed twice, but they had broken up once. They assure viewers they are still engaged, but on Tuesday, Brad released a statement requesting privacy while the couple works out the kinks in their new relationship (full statement here). ...

'Bachelor' Bachelorettes Let Loose On Season Villain Michelle Money – Reality TV Highlights, March 6-12, 2011

3/12/2011 3:09pm EST
Michelle Money,
“Bachelor” fans wait all season for the truth to spill out during each season’s Women Tell All special, and this season’s special was no exception; although, the truth that came out may not have been the truth viewers were expecting.

Yes, the women came down hard on Michelle Money for all the cruel things she said during the season, but it wasn’t really the things she said that bothered them; what bothered the women was that the Michelle that got to know in the house was NOTHING like the woman they saw in episodes. They felt confused by her two personalities and were beyond hurt that she w...

Russell Hantz duped, sent to ‘Survivor’ Redemption Island - Feb. 27-March 5, 2011 Reality TV Highlights

3/6/2011 11:42am EST
Russell Hantz,
Russell Hantz, who has over and over again proclaimed himself the king of “Survivor,” was duped by his newbie tribe members on this week’s episode of the series. When Russell figured out his tribe had thrown the immunity challenge to be given the opportunity to send him to Redemption Island, he vowed to show all of them he was not to be messed with. Unfortunately, his last ditch efforts to take over – which included having Stephanie persuade Julie to switch sides – completely bombed. Keep reading for a full episode recap.

Winter 2011 TV schedule + March/April premieres

Top reality TV hig...

Reality TV Highlights, Jan. 30-Feb. 5: Intentional Weight Gains Plague 'Biggest Loser'

2/5/2011 7:17pm EST
Dan and Don Evans - both brothers were eliminated from
Dan and Don Evans - brothers who were eliminated from "The Biggest Loser: Couples 4" after gaining weight

Intentional weight gains plagued “The Biggest Loser: Couples 4” this week, annoying viewers and making trainers think twice about certain players’ desires to truly lose weight and get healthy.

Winter 2011 TV schedule

It was no surprise that Bob and Jillian were upset when Dan and Irene each gained weight on purpose, although Jillian’s stone silence was surprising and a little scary, but viewers upset over the circus the season is becoming could lead people to give up on this seaso...

Reality TV highlights, Jan. 16-22, 2011: 'Real Housewives' Sisters Scream It Out

1/22/2011 11:41am EST
Women from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" - Kim, Adrienne, Lisa and Taylor - battle it out on the season one finale (BRAVO)

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” sisters Kyle and Kim had it out with one another on the season one finale Thursday, in a fight that appeared to be the culmination of millions of emotions that have been pushing each one’s breaking point all season.

Winter 2011 TV Schedule + Jan. 23-29 TV Premieres

While Kim and Kyle for the fight entrée, the chaotic dish of disaster actually started when Taylor confronted Kim about not standing up for Kyle during the Kyle...

2011 Reality TV Highlights, Jan. 9-15: Russell, 'Boston' Rob Return To 'Survivor'

1/15/2011 8:51am EST
"Boston" Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz return for "Survivor: Redemption Island"

It’s official: Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano will return to “Survivor” this February for the show’s 22nd season, “Survivor: Redemption Island.” Speculation surrounding who the mystery former castaways would be had been circulating for weeks, and it is safe to assume there were a lot of fingers crossed for at least one, if not both, of these contestants returning. While both have played on multiple seasons, neither has ever won a season.

“Survivor: Redemption Island” premieres Wednesday, Feb. 16 on C...

Reality TV Highlights, Jan. 2-8, 2011: 'Jersey Shore' Returns With Snooki x 2

1/8/2011 7:10pm EST
"Jersey Shore” returned this week with Snooki x 2. You hear me right; as if Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wasn’t already too much to handle, this season she has brought her BFF Deena Nicole Cortese, who not only looks a little like Snooki (not so orange, though) but acts just like the explosive, juicehead-chasing reality TV star. And while most of the roommates welcomed Deena with open arms, Sammi Giancola made it pretty obvious that she was not interested in adding to the so-called family, especially not if it meant having someone else in the house to hate on her.

Also, viewers watched reality ...

Top TV, July 12-16: 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey,' ‘The Hills’ & More

7/12/2010 2:36pm EDT
Just when I was re-gaining my addiction to the over-the-top drama of “The Hills,” I realized it was time to say goodbye. That’s right, “The Hills” stars are finally ready to move on with their lives; although, it is doubtful any of them will move too far out of the spotlight.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” – Monday, BRAVO

lovers have seen a lot of screwed up stuff, much of it coming from the Jersey women, but I can’t help but get excited when thinking about Monday’s episode. A fight; two grown women chasing after one another; possible revenge from Jaqueline’s daughter; cop cars; and ...

Which Bachelors Do You Want To Survive Rose Ceremony No. 6 On 'The Bachelorette?' Vote Now!

6/27/2010 8:35am EDT
The Bachelorette
Which bachelors do you want to see survive "The Bachelorette" 6 rose ceremony number six? Vote now!

Cristina Santana eliminated from ‘So You Think You Can Dance' 7 on Top 10 results show

The competition is getting tough, and this week, Ty and Kirk made their play for the lead. If I had to pick front runners right now, I would definitely pick Kirk, Roberto, and Frank. Even though Frank and Ali had a few rocky moments this week, Frank now knows he needs to step up his game if he doesn't want Ali to forget about him. Plus, Ali really wants to keep Frank around. She just needs to see that he ...