Liam Hemsworth Reaches Out To Ex Miley Cyrus Over Health Scare, Actor Reportedly 'Extremely Worried'

Top 5 to Watch This Week: 'V,' 'Real Housewives' & More

November 2nd, 2009 9:33am EST | Amanda Hamilton By: Amanda Hamilton favorite Add to My News
Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's new show "Kate Plus Eight" may be delayed, but that isn't stopping her from making the "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" time slot all about her. Last week, she went solo with the "You Ask, Kate Answers" question and answer special. This week, Kate is going one step further with a heart-to-heart chat with Natalie Morales about her marriage, her shows and more on "Kate: Her Story." If only Jon could learn to milk the media the way she does!

Kate: Her Story - TLC - Monday, Nov. 2

Kate Gosselin will be given a chance to set the record straight about her marriage, her children and her place in the media. I watched a short preview of the episode, and I hate to admit it, but I was intrigued. I'm thinking magazine readers may have heard some of what Kate will say in the interview before, but I can't help but want to watch, just in case anything new spouts out. Honestly, Jon and Kate are like a car crash in front of every house in America. You hate to watch, but you just can't look away. The preview of the interview showed Kate tearing up over the admission that she stays awake at night a lot trying to decide if what she is doing is best for her children. I'm sure those won't be the only tears of the interview.

V - ABC - Tuesday, Nov. 3

Who wouldn't welcome a savior right now? A line from the premiere of ABC's new drama "V," this line rings true in America's tough current state. Viewers love when television mirrors real life, and even though we aren't being visited by aliens, the remake of this 80s science fiction classic may pull viewers in just with the thought of some spiritual guidance. The show focuses on the recent visit from the alien race known as The Visitors. They claim they have come to help the humans better their lives, but Homeland Security agent Erica Evans is out to prove that The Visitors are tricking everyone for motives that are less than helpful to anyone but themselves. In the pilot, Anna, the leader of the alien race, delivers a message of peace to the human race.

The Price is Right - CBS - Thursday, Nov. 5

Come on down, America! You're invited to the 7,000 episode of "The Price is Right"! Cue awesome theme music! That's right, viewers; your favorite daytime game show is celebrating its 7,000 episode this week. The hour, which will air during its usual time slot, will include some special 7,000-themed games and a few games that were played on the premiere of the show, which aired in 1972. My fingers are crossed that they will also be playing Plinko!

Survivor: Samoa - CBS - Thursday, Nov. 5

Galu and Foa Foa will join one another this week on "Survivor: Samoa." Most tribe members have been thinking ahead for weeks, knowing that the impending merge could happen at any time, but I doubt they are actually prepared for the nonsense that ensues every time two become one. I could not be more excited about the chaos that will happen during the episode titled All Hell Breaks Loose. I mean, how much better can things really get with an episode title like that? It is all about the alliances at this point, and Foa Foa, being the weaker of the two tribes, will no doubt be trying to hold on for dear life. The question is, at what cost will they go to get on Galu's good side?

The Real Housewives of Orange County - BRAVO - Thursday, Nov. 5

They're back! Season five of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" premieres this week with a new housewife in tow. Alexis Bellino has been added to the cast since the season four finale, and BRAVO's website claims she is "The OC's Spicy New Socialite." We really don't know too much about the wife and mother of three, but the commercials suggest she isn't one to back down to anyone, especially not Vicki, who tends to give new girls a seriously hard time.


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