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Hey all! My name is Amanda Hamilton, and I'm an editor and a freelance entertainment writer. Each week, I'll fill you in on the best highlights from that week in reality TV. Plus, every once in a while I'll throw in a great news piece or an interview with your favorite reality TV star. Make sure you follow me on Twitter (@AmandaAnn86) to get updates when I post highlights on Starpulse and recaps, news and interviews with top TV stars on Examiner.

'One Tree Hill' Star Stephen Colletti Gives His Idea Of The Perfect Ending For Chase Adams

1/10/2012 2:40pm EST
Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams,
While no one knows yet how CW’s hit drama series “One Tree Hill” will end, if Stephen Colletti had a hand in it he knows exactly how he would send off his character Chase Adams: a sunset, an Army bag and an F-22 fighter jet.

“I thought it would be fun to see Chase walking into the sunset, the Army bag over his shoulder, maybe toward some F-22 fighter jet, gettin’ ready to whoop some ass,” Colletti said in an interview Monday, adding he’d like for the storyline to be less about Chase’s female drama and more about where Chase’s life is headed.

As for what we will see from Colletti’s charact...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Finale Had It All: Winners, Hugs, Breakdowns & Proposal

9/13/2011 4:40pm EDT
Holly Durst, Chris Harrison, Michael Stagliano of Bachelor Pad
Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst were named the “Bachelor Pad” season 2 winners and the winners of $250,000 on part two of Monday’s season finale. While some viewers may have thought Michael would go rogue and run off with the money due to recent, extremely awkward developments, the couple did decide to share the money, with Michael citing that Holly was always loyal and will always be his partner.

Despite no longer being a couple, Michael said it was loved that carried the pair through the game, adding that he could’ve punched Blake and fought with Holly but that wouldn’t have won him $2...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Recap: Houseguests Partner Up, Kasey Complains About Sexual Frustration, & Two More Sent Packing

9/6/2011 1:41pm EDT
Blake Julian Erica Rose Bachelor Pad
Immunity roses sent Blake Julian and Erica Rose home on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad.” I know, it sounds like an error, and it doesn’t make sense that holding immunity roses can get you sent home, but I didn’t say they got to keep the roses.

Blake and Erica, who partnered at the beginning of the episode, earned a date during the week’s challenge. Since they didn’t place first in the competition, they didn’t earn immunity roses for themselves, but when they arrived at dinner, two immunity roses were waiting for them – to be given to another couple.

So, who did the couple decide to giv...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 Recap: Jake Exits, Melissa Melts Down, And Holly & Blake's One-On-One Leads To Tears

8/30/2011 10:41am EDT
Holly Durst Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad
Holly Durst was left confused and in tears after Michael Stagliano professed his love for her on Monday’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” season 2. Michael had been showing his love by inviting her on dates and giving her immunity roses, but Holly’s overnight date with Blake Julian prompted him to lay it all out on the table – an action that wasn’t exactly reciprocated.

The drama began when Blake invited Holly on his one-on-one date. The date was very romantic, and the pair had a fantastic time – all while Michael was at the house pacing back and forth thinking about what could be happening on t...

'Bachelor Pad' 2 recap: Did Vienna's And Kasey's Wishes Finally Come True?

8/23/2011 12:17pm EDT
Bachelor Pad
Despite another shot at trying to take down the “Bachelor Pad” 2 power couple, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl finally managed to oust their number one enemy, Jake Pavelka, on Monday’s episode. Prior to the rose ceremony, Jake told viewers he was going to take some people down with him if he was eliminated, so when Kasey’s name was called to receive the final rose I was anxious and excited – and then we cut to masked synchronized swimmer Jeff Medolla. Talk about frustration! Not that Jeff’s performance wasn’t top notch, but I really hate having to wait until next week to hear Jake go off on t...

What To Watch: Viewers Say Bye To Oprah; 'Dancing With The Stars'’ & 'Idol' Crown Winners (May 22-28, 2011)

5/22/2011 9:58am EDT
It seemed impossible to pick just one must-watch show this week with some of the biggest moments of the season happening and, more importantly, one of the biggest moments of the decade happening.

On Wednesday, viewers will say goodbye to probably the most loved talk show ever – “Oprah.” After 25 seasons, Oprah will grace viewers’ homes one last time – at least one last non-repeat time – for an intimate chat and the opportunity to thank those who have stood by her through the years. Don’t forget to tune in on Monday and Tuesday as well, as those episodes will feature special guests, includi...

Boston Rob Mariano Finally Named Sole 'Survivor' – Reality TV Highlights (May 15-21, 2011)

5/22/2011 9:47am EDT
Rob Mariano,
After more than 100 days over 10 years spent roughing it in the jungles of the world, “Boston” Rob Mariano was finally named the sole “Survivor” on Sunday. Mariano earned all but one of the “Survivor: Redemption Island” jury votes (we still can’t believe Phillip received a vote) after giving an incredible final plea and answering jurors’ questions on the season finale. Winning the final immunity challenge solidified Rob’s spot in the Final 3, but it was his spot-on gameplay and near-perfect strategy that earned him the $1 million prize.

On Monday, Rob opened up to me about what he thought ...

What To Watch: Viewers Finally Learn Which ‘Glee’ Cast Member They Will Say Goodbye To Forever (May 15-21, 2011)

5/15/2011 11:15am EDT
The number one thing you need to watch this week is “Glee” because after months of speculation, viewers will finally find out which cast member they will say goodbye to forever. That’s right; in case you haven’t heard, one of McKinley High’s own will face an unexpected loss. Cast and crew have been tight-lipped about who is dying, but viewer guesses include Sue’s sister, Puck and Quinn’s daughter, or Kurt’s dad. Of course, this doesn’t mean it couldn’t be one of the regular cast members; ugh, I cringed at the thought!

‘Amazing Race; Unfinished Business’ wraps up with $1 million winner, ent...

What to watch: Who will Be Crowned Prom King and Queen On 'Glee'? (May 8-14, 2011)

5/8/2011 10:39am EDT
Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) perform on the M
Who will be crowned prom king and queen of McKinley High School? Gleeks have been waiting weeks to hear the big announcement – well, weeks if you ignored the tweets of a now ex-extra of “Glee.” On Tuesday, viewers will finally find out which couple is truly the favorite when the kids on “Glee” head to the prom. But while some of the kids are busy campaigning for their name to be called to the stage, others are freaking out about the thought of being slushied when they take the stage for a guest performance.

‘Survivor’ Ometepe 6 blindsides one of its own, ‘The Voice’ coaches finalize teams,...

‘Survivor’ Ometepe 6 Finally Turns Against One Another, Vote Out one Of Their Own – Reality TV highlights, May 1-7, 2011

5/7/2011 11:21am EDT
Andrea Boehlke,
“Survivor: Redemption Island” Ometepe 6 have been a tight-knit group since the beginning, with Rob choosing members he knew would follow his lead and not go against his decisions. But all that had to change eventually, and on Thursday, the ball was forced to drop when only the Ometepe 6 remained at camp. So, which member of the group was the first to go?

What to watch, May 8-14, 2011: (coming soon!)

Andrea, of course! While Rob toyed with the idea of sending Phillip home because he was, once again, becoming an annoyance to the tribe, he couldn’t get past Andrea’s strength at challenges an...