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Alyssa is a freelance writer who has worked in almost every field of writing. But no genre is more enjoyable than snarking on the latest episode of her favorite TV shows.

'True Detective': The Best Moments Of 'Haunted Houses'

2/24/2014 12:02pm EST
'True Detective': The Best Moments Of 'Haunted Houses'
True Detective is truly a show that can’t just be watched once. After re-watching the last two episodes, I saw at least a dozen things I never saw before. My theories shift ever few seconds. In one viewing, I’m convinced that Hart is the killer, due to his volitaile behavior, MESSED UP daughter, and eagerness to kill LeDoux in an instant. In the next viewing, I fully believe that Hart and Cohle are faking their rift to continue their investigation. Every viewing and new scene changes my perspective in almost every way.

One thing that never changes for me: True Detective is a show unlike an...

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 11 Review: 'Claimed'

2/24/2014 10:05am EST
The Walking Dead
Who knew Michonne could be so funny? “Claimed” proves that the intense sadness and suspense of the end of the world can also have its fair share of levity. Michonne, who recently reconnected with Carl and Rick, has lifted a huge weight off her shoulders after letting go of the pain and guilt she was carrying about her deceased toddler son, Andre. As a result she’s become the sort of person who stuffs cheese wiz in her face in one scene and is able to talk about her past in the next. If only the show could solely be about the adventures of Michonne and the Grimes boys.

The chemistry between...

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Episode 10: 'Inmates' Raises Many Questions

2/17/2014 9:23am EST
The Walking Dead
“Inmates” raises a lot of questions.

Is Beth anybody’s favorite character? I like her more than a majority of the viewing public. She’s sweet, with strong ties to characters I also like, with her sister being Maggie and her strange friendship with Daryl. Beth also has more character development than most of the characters on this show. She’s gone from naive to suicidal to cold-hearted (remember when her friend died and she barely cared?) to the caretaker of the group.

The biggest problem with her character is how little her presence is felt. She’s seemingly pivotal at times, such as her r...

'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Premiere: Rick And Carl Find Dream Safe House

2/10/2014 11:42am EST
The Walking Dead works best when the universe is small. This might be a controversial statement but I believe it completely. By small, I don’t mean the show shouldn’t explore more settings, including different states and campgrounds. It’s always great to discover how other people are living in light of the zombie apocalypse. However, the best episodes of the show always involve a small group of survivors focusing on a singular task.

For instance, the episode “Clear” had Rick, Carl, and Michonne looking for weapons and ammunition. It was a simple enough mission, with a minor group, that lea...

'True Detective': The Best Moments Of 'Who Goes There'

2/10/2014 9:37am EST
True Detective
It’s pretty much pointless to try to find the worst moments of True Detective, because so many of my complaints about the show are truly reaching. The show thus far has been as close to perfect as possible. Every week I crave a peak into the mind of Cohle and to watch McConaughey’s amazing performance. Most of the negative comments I have about the show (detectives life outside of work is far more compelling than the actual case and female characters are underdeveloped) are likely to repeat every week. So until I see anything that sticks out as really bad, I’m going to stick with only the b...

Justified: Best And Worst Moments Of 'Shot All To Hell'

2/5/2014 1:46pm EST
Well, this episode certainly was all over the place, wasn’t it? It’s pretty par for the course for season 5. Every episode so far seems to overdose on storylines, without sticking around to the really compelling scenes for very long. Here are the best and worst moments from “Shot All to Hell.”

Best: The Old Boyd is Back

For the first few episodes this season, Boyd spent most of his time meandering through plotlines. He had a mission to get Ava out of prison, but it lead him on many different paths, including dealing with Detroit bad guys, Mara the Russian bride, and Mooney the corrupt cop...

'Justified': The Best And Worst Of 'Over the Mountain'

1/28/2014 2:20pm EST
Best: Everything’s Not Coming Up Dewey

Dewey is by far the funniest character on Justified. His argument over Messer’s sad, tiny shovel before trying to beat him with it was classic Dewey. Even though he tries to step up as an in-charge baddie, Dewey can’t kill Messer without screwing up as many times as possible. The shovel breaks, he loses Messer, he falls down a gigantic hill, he wanders through the muck to find Messer again, and just as he’s about to finish the job he’s “rescued” by a cute family that thinks he has sun stroke. Nothing can go right in this guy’s life and it’s fun to wat...

'True Detective' Recap: The Best And Worst Of 'The Locked Room'

1/27/2014 9:08am EST
'True Detective' Recap: The Best And Worst Of 'The Locked Room'
Best: The Discussion of Religion and the Religious

At the beginning, Cohle and Hart discuss the people of the tented church that their murder victim once attended. Hart relates to the religious people, but Cohle is more unsympathetic and callous about them. There’s a fine bit of writing here, especially in this bit of banter:

Hart: “Can you see Texas from your high horse? What do you know about these people?” Cohle:“Just observation and deduction. I see a propensity for obesity, poverty. Yen for fairytales. Folks putting what little they do have in little baskets they pass around. It’s ...

'Justified': The Best And Worst Of 'Good Intentions'

1/22/2014 1:23pm EST
The Best Moments of “Good Intentions”

Timothy Olyphant was half naked within the first five minutes. God bless you, Justified.

Monroe’s house is a gold mine of plot. Raylan is the last person in the world who should be in a large home. He’s made for small spaces, like his motel from the early seasons and the room above the bar. Raylan needs to constantly be in spaces where he can see everything and every one. His residence in the Monroe house is only going to lead to more trouble. Awesome.

Speaking of the Monroe house, Rachel has moved in. Raylan and Rachel being roommates is the perfe...

NBC's 'About A Boy' Trailer And Musings

1/20/2014 7:13pm EST
About a Boy
About a Boy (written by Nick Hornby) is one of my favorite and most read books. It’s part pure sweetness and part comedy, telling the story of a pathological lying man-boy, with no career or ambition, who accidentally befriends a young boy during his quest to get laid. Although the book, and subsequent movie (starring Hugh Grant), are very English, the NBC series will be set in America.

David Walton is a charismatic actor, so he’s no doubt going to be great. Minnie Driver is one of the most underrated comedic actresses out there. However, a few of the changes (such as making the kid Walton...