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'Big Brother' 15 Episode 29: 'A Blindside Most Glorious'

Alyssa Landau Alyssa Landau
9/2/2013 9:30am EDT

Part Three: She’s a Mean, Disgusting Person

• “I just can’t let her sit and make threats like that.” Amanda’s brain lets her believe that she was just threatened. She might have a few screws loose.
• “The sweetest revenge will be when she f*****g gets nominated and goes on the block tomorrow,” Amanda says. This is TOO good. What did we do to please the BB Gods?
• I love the random shot of GM dancing in her HOH robe. So random.
• “I hope America see…” “WHO CARES?”
• “Why was she being so mean to this poor, innocent…” Amanda, stop. You are giving us TOO MUCH GOLD. I can barely take anymore. It’s too perfect.
• McCrae’s advice is for Amanda to just let Elissa make jabs at her and not say anything back. Which is exactly what Elissa does.
• “You have to play the victim.” For all her life.
• Andy is a little s**t too. He says Elissa is egging Amanda on. Then Elissa destroys him with her logic. How was she egging Amanda on by sitting in a room with Spencer and Andy? Because she exists. That’s it!
• “She’s mean and evil.” Oy. Amanda, you are blessing us today with your crazy. Plus, there are tears!
• “I don’t want to fight with you but I feel like you’re antagonizing me.” Elissa just walks away. Gosh, did you see her antagonizing Amanda with her mean, evil walk? That bitch.
• Judd: “Maybe you should make her a friendship bracelet.”
• Amanda cries. “I feel like I’m in high school.” Spencer: “Were you a mega bitch in high school.” It’s a huge burn and she doesn’t even notice.
• The worst part is everybody agreeing with her that she’s being bullied.
• “I’m not a mean person.” Should that be Amanda’s twitter bio?
• “I see right through you,” says GM.

Part Four: Cluckiest Man Alive

• Luxury comp. There are hundreds of balloons in the house. They need to pop the balloons to find a 1, 0, and K chip to win $10k.
• The popping balloon sound and feeling is the worst ever so this comp would be my nightmare.
• “My strategy is to imagine that each of these balloons are Amanda’s head.” Love it, Elissa.
• Spencer wins. “I’m the cluckiest man alive.” Then he complains that it takes a long while on the railroad to make 10k. Little does he know, that job is in jeopardy when he gets home.
• GM shuts out Amanda from her HOH room. Judd flips her off. GM wants to pretend to be busy so she doesn’t have to hear another bitter Amanda rant.
• Nick mention #5. He’s all stars material! So memorable! Out second! 15th place for life!
• “Everyone will be enraged,” says Amanda about not nominating Elissa.
• There she goes again with letting GM know how “influential” she is. Does anybody think this is good strategy?
• People just keep calling Aaryn “Poopy” with no explanation. It’s awesome.
• I feel like I could just write “Amanda thinks Elissa and Judd are going up and somebody pretends she’s right” for the next twenty minutes of footage.
• “Stay tuned, America. You’re not gonna want to miss this one.” Thanks for breaking the fourth wall, Judd.
• Nomination ceremony.
• “I feel safe. And happy. And glorious. And triumphant.”-Amanda
• Spencer talks about how unsafe he feels, like always… “Just kidding. I feel safe this week for the first time in a long time.”
• “Most biggest.”-Gina Marie.
• Andy and Spencer get their keys. Amanda and McCrae smile ear to ear. This is the gift that keeps on giving to the last second.
• “Elissa you are safe.” Amanda and McCrae’s smiles disappear instantly.
• I don’t mean to shock you guys, but Amanda and McCrae get nominated. I know! I’m surprised too!
• “You guys are a huge dymanic…” “Dynamic.” “Thank you. You guys are a huge dymanic…UGH! You guys a huge power couple.”
• “Everybody…was too chicken. No point intended.” Gina Marie is so stupid, dear God. It would be endearing if she didn’t spend the first 8 weeks trashing Candice and saying the worst things ever.
• Amanda cries. GM calls her crazy and Elissa nods happily.
• “Oh MY Goodness. It’s about time McCranda is on the block. The look on their face is, um, awesome.”
• “I just don’t get it…ever since Elissa was HOH it all went haywire.” Then Amanda insults GM’s intelligence.
• McCrae cries in the DR. It’s beautiful. Not so tough now, power couple, are you?


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