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Alyssa is a freelance writer who has worked in almost every field of writing. But no genre is more enjoyable than snarking on the latest episode of her favorite TV shows.

Scream Queens Recap: A 'Haunted House'

10/7/2015 8:43am EDT
Scream Queens Recap: A 'Haunted House,' Taylor Swift, And New Re
Any television show that opens with a 5-minute montage making fun of Taylor Swift’s exploitative admiration for her fans is worth a watch. The Swiftmas parody features Chanel’s youtube video of her giving girls she deems less fortunate than her a bunch of disgusting Halloween related gifts, from severed heads to a box of blood. The girls, who are apparently rabid Instagram followers, shriek in delight, as if Chanel’s monstrous gifts have changed their lives forever. Chanel even visits one girl at her home, only to see the girl fall to her feet and weep over her presence. It’s the perfect pa...

'Scream Queens' Recap: Cartoon Logic Is Out In Full Force

9/30/2015 9:42am EDT
Scream Queens
The second week of Scream Queens should illustrate the sort of show it wants to be. Now that it’s finished introducing a bulk of the characters and getting viewers familiar with the tone, the show should be well on its way. However, the third episode “Chainsaw” is a bit of a mess. It’s already lost some of the humor. It’s gone from dark humor to complete cartoon.

The insistence on racist/homophobic jokes and one-note characters is troubling. “Predatory Lez” has literally no other characteristics besides being a lesbian. Gigi’s only personality is an obsession with the 90s. These aren’t cha...

Were You Satisfied With The 'Big Brother' 17 Winner?

9/24/2015 9:01am EDT
BB17 Finale
Did that ending satisfy you? Sure, the season’s best player didn’t win. And, okay, a season full of incredibly strong female players still ended with the nerdy dude winning. However, it’s almost fitting that Vanessa, who dominated the entire season on every single level from strategy to socially, was finally evicted by the person she spent so much time and attention molding into a better player.

Vanessa believed bringing Steve and Liz to the end was her best shot at guaranteeing being in the final 2. Damn, did she work hard to maneuver pieces so that she would end up in the best position p...

'Scream Queens' Premiere Recap: Is It Worth Your Time?

9/23/2015 9:09am EDT
'Scream Queens' Review: Rundown On 'Pilot' And 'Hell Week'
With Scream Queens, Ryan Murphy is doing what he does best: the Ryan Murphy Formula. It starts out with a funny and somewhat fresh pilot, with plenty of breakout stars, meta galore, and jokes that are sure to shock and offend. The first half of the first season will feel smart, as if all of the writers understand exactly what they’re lambasting. As time goes on, every bad joke will feel less intentional and plot will become even more insane, based on some other world logic, until it becomes unbearable to watch. But, like every other Ryan Murphy show, if you’re a fan of camp, it’ll be fun to...

Who Is Most Likely To Win 'Big Brother 17'

9/17/2015 9:35am EDT
'Big Brother' Review: The Final Four Eviction And Who Is Most Li
With the show winding down, it’s interesting to see how many viable winners are left in the house. Usually, the final four is complete with two rivals for the title and a couple of filler players. But, as the jury wisely points out, everybody in the final four has a strong argument to win. This episode, which features the last eviction before the final HOH competitions, showcased the strengths and weaknesses as winners of each remaining player.

Johnny Mac

Might as well get this one out of the way. John never won a single HOH. He was on the block almost every week. He only had two real all...

'Big Brother' Recap: The Most Memorable Moments From Week 12’s Veto And Eviction

9/16/2015 8:44am EDT
'Big Brother' Recap: The Blindside Of The Season
The Big Brother Takeover twist may have fizzled out, but the show still managed to fit in another long, boring commercial before the season is over. This time, it’s for a new CBS comedy Life in Pieces, which is basically Modern Family but worse. Sure, it’s important for the show to get that precious advertising money, but when it comes at the cost of forcing viewers into an extended commercial, it’s really not worth it.

Without the Life in Pieces commercial, it’s actually a solid episode. We got the blindside we’ve been dying for all season, one that rivals Dan evicting Shane. We got to se...

How Did 'Big Brother' Manage To Give Us Such A Bad Episode?

9/14/2015 9:13am EDT
How can we go from a week full of amazing episodes to one of the worst Big Brother episodes of all time? Last week’s episodes were so great because they highlighted everything that’s fun about the show: over the top characters acting like dumb competitions are life or death, paranoia creating chaos, and editing that illustrates how ridiculous these people can be. Even with the bafflingly stupid decision to keep habitual competition loser Julia over showmance paired comp beast Liz, the episodes were still fun and well produced.

But this episode sucked all of the fun out of Big Brother in so...

'Big Brother': Memorable Moments From Week 12 Veto

9/10/2015 9:59am EDT
This episode was SO good. It has everything that makes an amazing episode of Big Brother, including blowout fights, tense competitions, and remarkable strategic moves. Not to mention it featured many of the season’s antagonists sobbing over being in such bad positions. Too bad it came so late into the season.

It’s funny that this episode comes directly after Les Moonves made comments in the press about this season’s casting being a disappointment. He couldn’t be more wrong. This was the best cast of Big Brother in a very long time. There are no filler contestants and nearly everybody has h...

Here Are The Top Moments From Last Night's 'Big Brother'

9/8/2015 9:30am EDT
With almost every likeable character in BB17 gone, the last few weeks of the season are going to be less about rooting for somebody. Instead, the joy from the rest of the season will come from watching the downward spiral of an alliance who have barely thought about what would happen when it came down to just a few players left in the game. Vanessa, up until now, has been fine going to the end with a showmance and twins. Steve refused to make a move against twins. Austin barely seems worried about Liz choosing Julia over him. And who knows what Johnny Mac ever thinks.

A Big Brother season ...

'Big Brother' Recap: The Show Needs A Massive Shakeup

9/4/2015 10:00am EDT
Big brother
Double evictions used to be exciting. The original concept was shortened week, introduced in season 5, in which a whole week’s worth of game was done over a couple of days. Then the fast forward was introduced, where everything was done in the span of one episode. In the past, it has resulted in finally getting out big players who formerly dominated so that the underdog can have a chance to win. Often times, the unexpected happens or something viewers have been dying to see, from Keesha getting rid of mortal enemy Ollie in BB10 to Jeff seeing his comeuppance for his demanding entitled seaso...