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I am a twenty-three year old fitness and health junkie with a journalism background who loves entertainment, celebs and the news. Writing is my passion and gives me the ability to express myself and all the things that make me smile. I am an avid runner, work in radio and am absolutely obsessed with my pets! :-)

Shining And Falling Stars: Heidi Klum And Lindsay Lohan

4/13/2013 11:02am EDT
Heidi Klum
SHINING STAR--HEIDI KLUM: She is better known for her cat walk while a model for Victoria’s Secret; but besides being recognized for her long legs and sexy strut, Heidi Klum, the Shining Star of this week has become famous for being a television host and judge on Project Runway, fashion designer, TV personality, actress and last but certainly not least, loving mother of four gorgeous babies.

Just as mother lions herd together to protect their cubs from outlying predators, human mothers more often than not will fight to the death to protect their offspring... Heidi Klum being the perfect ex...

Pregnant Celebrities: Let Them Eat Their Cake, They Deserve It!

4/6/2013 12:00pm EDT
Kim Kardashian
“Boy I know you love it, how we’re smart enough to make these millions…strong enough to bear the children…then get back to business.” Sang with the strength and power of Sasha Fierce (aka Beyonce) one of the many recent celebs to have her own bundle of joy, Blue Ivy Carter.

Pregnancy doesn’t judge. It isn’t racist or sexist and it sure as heck doesn’t care where you come from or what you look like. Pregnancy is a part of life that most women will encounter sometime in their years whether you are a middle-class American, Italian, Japanese, Sudanese or a celebrity.

As females we are given t...

Shining And Falling Stars: Justin Timberlake And Justin Bieber

3/30/2013 1:00pm EDT
Justin Timberlake
They have the same first name, similar sounds, and musical styles and are loved by fans worldwide, but this week there is no question about where they stand in the headlines. One continues to rise to greatness while the other needs ANOTHER band aid for the booboo’s he keeps on creating (or a talk with his mama, even though she thinks we’re all being a little too hard on him).


It has been seven years, and he is finally bringing sexy back! This week’s rising, shining and talented star is the current Prince of Pop himself, Justin Timberlake. He sings, acts, a...

Rising And Falling Stars: Chris Masters & Punxsutawney Phil

3/23/2013 9:00am EDT
Chris Masters
Rising Star* Chris Masters: How many of us can actually say we could lift an object as heavy as a tree to save someone we love?

Apparently former WWE Star Chris Masters can, and that is why he is the rising star of the week.

Masters, whose birth name is Chris Mordetzky,  used his 6’5” and 265 pound frame to actually uproot a tree in order to save his mama who was trapped inside of her burning house. The story goes that apparently a deranged neighbor barricaded himself inside Chris’s mother; Diane Mordetsky’s home and refused to leave. When police threatened to break into the home, the loo...

Shining And Falling Stars: Pope Francis & Justin Bieber

3/16/2013 9:00am EDT
Pope Francis
RISING STAR* He’s holy, apparently cooks his own meals, feeds the poor and is from Argentina, and he is the hottest thing being talked about this week…and no I am not talking about Antonio Banderas (he's not Argentine anyway). I'm talking about the new Holy Father himself, Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis.

The entire world waited in suspense to find out who would be taking over the reins for Pope Benedict XVI, and on Wednesday March 13, history was made as Pope Francis stepped onto the balcony of the Vatican, revealing himself to his 1.2 billion Catholic followers.

Pope Francis, bes...

Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici: Will They last?

3/13/2013 3:31pm EDT
Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici
Season after season viewers are hypnotized by the twenty-five to thirty romantic lushes who fall in love and crave the affection of one man or woman whom they have only known for a couple of weeks. We are the audience, approximately 7 million of us, who can't keep our eyes off and watch in awe and suspense yearning to find out who will get the next rose on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

We have all come to realize that although this fantasy of love and commitment is wonderful to dream about, sometimes it is far from reality or the truth. Let's take Emily Maynard and Jef Holm from Season...