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Alexa was born in Peru but is a diverse mix of Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Japanese, who grew up in Southern Califronia. She has lived in Australia, Los Angeles, and New York City, just to get her adventurous fix. She currently works in the fashion industry and spends her days obsessing over music,pop culture,and everything beautiful. Her writings focus on the indie music scene with a splash of her inspirations, tribulations, and love affairs.

Twin Shadow- Old Love/New Love

9/19/2013 10:37am EDT
“What am I supposed to say? An old love called me yesterday.” Even if you are not a “gamer” you might become one after the release of Grand Theft Auto V. The soundtrack features tracks by Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky,  Wavves, and now Twin Shadow. Not exactly sure how an upbeat song about a conflicting past lover made it’s way into a a video game, but it works. It might be on repeat for hours and who knows maybe it’ll make your gamer skills go on overdrive..


Active Child- Subtle (Feat Mikky Ekko)

9/15/2013 6:00pm EDT
Active Child : Subtle

How is it possible for Active Child’s ethereal like cries to not make you want to lose your shit. It’s not. It’s simply impossible, and the man behind Active Child, Patrick Grossi, proves it once again with his latest track, “Subtle”.  Mikky Ekko joins him for a track jammed of eighties synth vibes that are just so dreamy.  Grossi’s heavenly yearns against Mikky Ekko’s catchy pop hooks, make this track pure gold. And I am by no means comparing Ekko to Michael Jackson, but can you not hear a little Jackson or Timberlake?? You can find “Subtle” on  Active Child’s upcoming Vapor EP, due Oct...

Ta-Ku: A Wednesday Night Dedication

8/29/2013 2:37am EDT
Keep them coming Ta-Ku! Giving us a taste of his upcoming, Song To Break Up To EP, Taku has been sneaking in new sounds over the past three weeks. If you are not familiar with the magic behind Aussie producer Ta-Ku, shame on you. But it’s never too late, so sit back and enjoy a chilled out night of the latest freshest beats from Ta-ku. His style, versatile, he smoothy blends hip hop beats with soul and a kick of electronic. It’s futuristic. It’s sexy. It’s Ta-Ku.


Yuna's Newest Single : Falling

8/28/2013 11:29am EDT
Yuna : Nocturnal
Malyasian beauty, Yuna is about to mend your broken heart with her latest single, “Falling”. You’ll forget the sadness behind the lyrics, and find yourself falling madly for Yuna’s honey vocals with Robin Hannibal’s dreamy dance beats.  She will be blessing us with her full length album, Nocturnal, due Oct 29.


Tyler the Creator- Garbage

8/25/2013 7:41pm EDT
Tyler the Creator
Tyler, the Creator drops a new track for the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, due September 17. “Garbage” is nothing less than madness, with gunshots in the back, and morbid chords over Tyler’s eerie voice.

Check out what Tyler has to say about the track:


Soundbite: A$AP Rocky-Thuggin Noise (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

8/8/2013 3:15pm EDT
A$AP Rocky
Taking a sample from a Brittney Spears song and shoving it in with A$AP Rocky? Yes, it can gracefully work and still sound hood enough. Canadian producer, Ryan Hemsworth gives “Thuggin Noise” a twist of  bass beats fused with the tender sounds of the piano, and of course, A$AP madness. You can DL this track for free on the new FOLIE DOUCE COMPILATION VOL II.  Get it get it!