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Star-Spinner Dog Game: Fun and Treats for Dogs [REVIEW]

Alan Danzis Alan Danzis
10/8/2012 7:33am EDT

Dogs just want treats, right? They don’t want to think about the technology that goes into giving it to them.

But that’s sort of the point behind the Star-Spinner Dog Game from Kyjen. Billed as a “treat based puzzle toy” it’s a star-shaped plastic dish that dogs need to turn in certain directions to find out where their treat is hidden.

Since my adorable 15-year old dog lives with my parents, I gave the game to my sister-in-law to try with her beagle, Lucy, who’s only about five or six.

Lucy had no trouble finding the treats within seconds, until my sister-in-law noticed the difficulty knob. With a few turns, she was able to easily make it more difficult for Lucy to spin the star wheel and it became more of a challenge for her to get at her treat.

Star-Spinner Dog Game

According to my sister-in-law, “This is a fun multilevel interactive toy. Once I realized the resistance could be changed and a higher level of challenge could be given to my beagle, the fun began. Without a turn of the knob she found the task very simple but when we spun the knob, it took her close to 15 minutes the first time. She seemed to enjoy it more as the challenge grew. What beagle wouldn't do anything for a treat though? The plastic material does show chew marks and scratches but the points of the star have not broken or splintered and I consider her an aggressive chewer.”

(As someone who has witnessed Lucy destroy toys I bought for either of my two nieces, I can attest to the fact that she IS indeed an aggressive chewer.)

The Star-Spinner Dog game is made of “recyclable, dishwasher-safe plastic” and is available now for $24.99.

* Disclosure: A Star-Spinner Dog Game was provided to this reviewer (and his sister-in-law) for the purposes of this review. *

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Photo Credits: Kyjen