Good Riddance X Factor!

2/10/2014 3:20pm EST
The X Factor
Opinion: A death has occurred in the reality television show family – gasp! The X Factor (USA) was kicked to the curb – CANCELLED! Dun dun dun!!! Normally, being the reality television enthusiast that I am, I might be upset by the ending of the show. However with the cancellation of X Factor, I don’t really give a flip (and yes you know what I mean instead of “flip”). I’m not the only one who does care – few others care either judging by the ratings. X Factor just didn’t connect on the level that American Idol did when it first came out and even with Idol sagging in the ratings now, it’s...

Amy Adams' Rep Appalled By Valentino PR Stunt Following Hoffman's Funeral

2/10/2014 3:00pm EST
Amy Adams' Rep Appalled By Valentino PR Stunt Following Hoffman'
After Amy Adams carried a new Valentino handbag to Philip Semour Hoffman's funeral on Friday, the fashion house issued a press release promoting the new purse, causing immediate backlash for its insensitive action.

The actress's rep issued a statement, pointing out that the star "is not a paid spokesperson for Valentino" and the suggestion she would try to promote the handbag at a colleague's memorial "truly appalling," according to E! News.

Valentino officials originally sent out a press release showing Adams holding the purse with the message: "We are pleased to announce Amy Adams carry...

Jesse McCartney On New Animated Film 'Wings,' Upcoming Album

2/10/2014 2:13pm EST
Jesse McCartney On New Animated Film 'Wings,' Upcoming Album
Lionsgate's new animated movie Wings features Jesse McCartney lending his voice to the cartoon plane Cyclone, one of multiple new happenings for the actor and singer. BFTV recently caught up with Jesse to ask him about his part in Wings and progress on his new album, which is expected this spring.

"I got a call from [producers] Simka Entertainment, and heard it was an animated movie for kids, which I enjoy doing, so I jumped onboard," he explained. "One of my buddies from All My Children was doing it also, so I thought it might be fun."

The Wings voice cast also includes Josh Duhamel as ...

GPS Shows Justin Bieber Was Racing Over 130 MPH Prior To Arrest

2/10/2014 2:03pm EST
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber reportedly reached a top speed of 136 MPH before he was arrested for drag racing, according to GPS data.

TMZ, who obtained the data, say Justin's rented Lamborghini was clocked at 108 MPH and 136 MPG in Miami, Florida around 1:23 a.m. on January 23. Justin wasn't arrested until hours later, around 4 a.m., while he was driving around at a reasonable 27 MPH.

The pop star is also dealing with a second legal bombshell today, as prosecutors have reportedly obtained surveillance video proving Bieber was at the site of the egging incident that caused over $20,000 in damages.


Kate Upton Gets Engaged - To A Magic Dragon

2/10/2014 1:03pm EST
Kate Upton Gets Engaged - To A Magic Dragon
Kate Upton was flashing a ring after the Orlando Magic's game on Friday, but it wasn't from boyfriend Justin Verlander!

Kate tweeted, "Thanks @STUFF_mascot for the proposal tonight! Great game!" with the above photo featuring a massive "diamond" the size of her hand. She received the ring from Magic mascot Stuff when he went down on one knee and proposed - while her boyfriend Justin wasn't in his seat beside her! "I was gone for 5 seconds!" the pitcher wrote in response to her post.

Shocking! Even the guy behind her cant believe it! @KateUpton @JustinVerlander

Graham Yost Looks Back On Season 1 Of 'The Americans'

2/10/2014 12:10pm EST
Graham Yost Looks Back On Season 1 Of 'The Americans'
We know and love him for being the showrunner of Justified, but Graham Yost is also executive producer of another hit FX series, The Americans. With season one of the Cold War spy thriller headed to home video tomorrow, we sat down with Graham to look back on its opening cycle and prepare ourselves for next month's new episodes.

Graham is one of the best producers and writers working in television today; his credits include the criminally underappreciated Boomtown and HBO's war epics Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Currently, in addition to overseeing Justified, he has an EP credit on bo...

'The Lego Movie' Crushes The Competition At The Box Office

2/10/2014 12:00pm EST
'The Lego Movie' Crushes The Competition At The Box Office
The animated film "The Lego Movie" dominated the weekend box office after opening with $69.1 million in ticket sales. The film has earned the biggest opening of the year so far.

Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Will Arnett and Elizabeth Banks voice roles in the film, which centers on Emmet - an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average Lego minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the key to saving the world.

Meanwhile, George Clooney's World War II drama "The Monuments Men" came in a distant second at the box office with $22.7 million.

Rounding out the top three was Ice Cu...

'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Premiere: Rick And Carl Find Dream Safe House

2/10/2014 11:42am EST
The Walking Dead works best when the universe is small. This might be a controversial statement but I believe it completely. By small, I don’t mean the show shouldn’t explore more settings, including different states and campgrounds. It’s always great to discover how other people are living in light of the zombie apocalypse. However, the best episodes of the show always involve a small group of survivors focusing on a singular task.

For instance, the episode “Clear” had Rick, Carl, and Michonne looking for weapons and ammunition. It was a simple enough mission, with a minor group, that lea...

'True Detective': The Best Moments Of 'Who Goes There'

2/10/2014 9:37am EST
True Detective
It’s pretty much pointless to try to find the worst moments of True Detective, because so many of my complaints about the show are truly reaching. The show thus far has been as close to perfect as possible. Every week I crave a peak into the mind of Cohle and to watch McConaughey’s amazing performance. Most of the negative comments I have about the show (detectives life outside of work is far more compelling than the actual case and female characters are underdeveloped) are likely to repeat every week. So until I see anything that sticks out as really bad, I’m going to stick with only the b...

'Girls' Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Free Snacks

2/10/2014 8:37am EST
'Girls' Season 3 Episode 6
Are our Girls finally growing up? So it would seem.

Let’s break it down:

Hannah finally has a reason to quip Grumpys: she lands a job at GQ. No, not as a contributing writer (as Ray so lovingly points out when she quits: “There’s no way GQ hires you as a staff writer”), but as an advertorial section assistant for Neiman-Marcus. It sounds, and probably is, menial as far as magazine jobs go, but it’s still a position at one of the highest quality publications in the world. And even though this is Hannah, meaning a breakdown of some sort is imminent, it’s nice to see her make friends with f...